All About Extratorrent Proxy Sites With A Comprehensive Guide

Extratorrent Proxy Websites
Extratorrent Proxy Sites

You must have known what the torrent sites are. Well, if you do not know here in this article you would know all of it. Torrent sites, also known as BitTorrent sites, are the platforms where you can download and share files with a different protocol named BitTorrent Protocol.

It is referred to as a ‘peer-to-peer’ file-sharing protocol. There are many torrent sites that are available on the internet. But the problem is whenever they get famous they automatically get down. Because as we all know these are not legal sites. So similarly there were many torrent sites but they went down such as Kickass and many more. Now we have Extratorrent, which serves as a rescuer. 

Extratorrent managed to get all the information and content very safely with the help of the Extratorrent proxy. There is huge traffic at this site. You will find almost all the premium games, videos, movies, and much more. But in 2017, because of the huge traffic on the site, it got banned. Everyone was sad, the owner as well as the users. But you can unblock the extra torrent sites with the help of this article. 

First, Let’s See What Are The Extra Torrent Proxy Sites.

What does a proxy mean? You must have used this word in your school and college for your attendance when you were not present in class. Similarly, the Extratorrent proxy works the same. These sites act as a replica of the Extratorrent site: such as, 

  • Extratorrents-cc
  • Extratorrent.123 unblock

Even though these are the replicas of the Extratorrent site, they have all the content available, therefore you can use them just like you were using the previous ones. Though they often get a warning from the higher authorities, still very talented developers and coders are continually working in order to provide us with all the services that are of the best quality. 

How To Unblock The Extratorrents By Proxy Sites And Mirror Sites?

You must be facing the issue of using the extratorrent sites, let’s say related to the geographical restrictions. Well, you are on the right track by coming to this article. We have gathered the information to provide you with the best and easy solution to do that. You just have to do some steps and work as per the article and you would not be facing that issue anymore. 

In order to use the Extratorrent proxy sites all you have to do is to just install a VPN, any VPN will work, and then search your site. In order to save your time you can also use the sites that are given or we have enlisted. 

What About Banning Extratorrent Proxy Sites?

Well, technically it is not possible to ban any mirror site or proxy site because they are not connected with any of the servers or the downloader. So in case you are not able to download the content it is mainly because of the server that you have. Even after using the VPN, you can not use the site then we would suggest you go to any other proxy or mirror site. 

Though rare cases but yes sometimes the authorities do manage to catch the server of the proxy sites but why do you have to worry about that? Even if they shut down the proxy site still you will be able to do all that with many other sites as there are a lot of proxy sites for that. 

If You Are Now Thinking That We Can Use The Extratorrent Sites Without The VPN? 

So let’s say we have an answer to this question too:-

Well, yes you can do that. There are many proxy sites that you will find that work very simply. On such websites, you just have to go and a homepage of your visited site will be opened and you can search for content that you want. They use a simple method of cloning the content of an original site and then posting it there. 

Extratorrent Proxy Sites

Things, Which You Have To Take Care Of?

You must have prior knowledge or at least a little research before using or jumping on any Proxy torrent sites because there can be many issues such as privacy threats, your data collection can also be done, and much more. Therefore, do not jump on any site without first getting to know it well. 

These proxy sites are owned by individuals or privately owned. So their main motive is to earn money and they can do that in many ways. Most of the time, the users have no idea about the means of earnings of the owners. Such as some of them might be promoting services or products, some of them might be showing you ads, some of them using your data, or some might have affected your device with a virus or anything like that. So in order to be safe you have to just download a very strong and excellent antivirus to prevent your device from any destruction caused by the downloaded files. 

Using VPN

If you want your IP address to remain private and safe then you should use a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If you focus on your data privacy. It also prevents any unauthorized activity to harm your data. Because your IP address can also get banned if the government says so. Therefore you should be very careful with your privacy. 

Another thing that users should keep in mind is the temptations given by these sites. For instance, many sites will give the user or the visitor an offer that can be related to the Lottery or prize, or any sort of gift. Many users get attracted by these and invest their hard-earned money because of these seductions of more money. So be aware of all these activities and try to not waste your time on them because these are useless activities and temptations. 


I hope you find this article useful. We have tried to give you as much information as we could about the Extratorrent proxy sites and how you should be more careful and smarter while using these proxy sites. Proxy sites are of course very helpful and very convenient but just take care while using them. Do let us know if you have liked the content and found it useful.