Best Anime Torrent Sites

Although there are many anime torrent websites available on the Internet, many people are still having difficulty finding one that is truly useful for downloading anime torrents. We will reveal 12 popular and high-quality anime torrent sites to anime enthusiasts in the next section. After reading the content, you should be able to pick a website that meets your needs.

1. Nyaa


Nyaa has been operating for a long time and is widely regarded as one of the top anime-sharing torrent services. It has had its ups and downs in the past, but it appears to be in good shape now.

You may expect a wide range of stuff here, all of which is well-organized and searchable. We also included this website on our list of the most excellent torrent websites, so we’re confident you’ll enjoy it.


2. 1337X


1337x is one of the oldest anime torrent sites, despite having a less-than-stellar user interface. You’ll be able to search for movies and TV series, as well as games, music, software, and other items. Anime and different niche genres are also included.

When it comes to anime, you can look for the most popular or trending torrents, as well as the most downloaded ones, or try searching manually.

One of the best aspects of 1337x is that it is used by millions of people worldwide. This means that finding anime torrents that download quickly should be simple. 


3. The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay 

Although it isn’t primarily a torrent anime site, The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular general torrent sites globally.

You may rely on it to locate and download anime. You will, however, have to rely on the site’s search box, which is why TPB is wonderful if you already know what you want to watch. Still, a generic search for anime should provide a large number of files.


4. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is likely familiar to long-time P2P users. Until a slew of new options surfaced, this was the most popular torrent repository on the planet. It is, nevertheless, still running strong and has a sizable following.

It’s worth noting that LimeTorrents has a large amount of anime content. Almost any popular (and even older) anime film or television show may be found here.


5. Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is a Japanese media-focused BitTorrent website. In addition to an extensive catalog of anime TV shows, movies, and OVAs, this torrent website also allows users to download manga, drama, music, adult media content, and more. Tokyo Tosho has a small text-based navigation design for the content types we just mentioned, and it also allows users to search for torrents in more detail by torrent size, submitter, and comment.


6. Tosho Anime

Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho is a good anime torrent site to get the most up-to-date and trustworthy torrent files. This webpage is updated regularly. Every day, users can find a large number of fresh anime torrents. On Anime Tosho, the quality of anime varies, although the majority of them are in SD and HD. Anime Tosho is a terrific place to watch subbed anime. Some separate subtitle files are available for download, so we’ve included them in our list of the best places to download anime subtitles. This website also has multiple TokyoTosho, Navy, and other source connections.


7. Anidex


This torrent distribution platform specializes in anime-related media, including TV shows, movies, live-action films, light novels, manga, and music. This website also has a lot of pornographic stuff that may be downloaded. Anidex’s most prominent feature, in my opinion, is that it offers anime torrents dubbed in several languages. Over 20 languages are currently accessible. There are also some dubbed and uncut titles. Users will have more opportunities to find new episodes if new torrents are regularly uploaded to this website.


8. Erai-raws


Continuing our search for the top anime torrent sites, Erai-raws is a promising region worth exploring. Era-raws’ appealing and well-organized interface makes it incredibly simple to get started, and the platform boasts an impressive database of popular and recent anime series and films, including subtitled anime, raw anime, encoded anime, and batch torrent files. A torrent file can be downloaded in various languages and resolutions, making it easy to find one that suits your needs. There are several methods for downloading torrents from Erai-raws.


9. Anina


Anina brings together a massive collection of anime torrent files, including anime series, movies, music, comics, AMVs, and games. It also provides users with instant access to crucial information about each torrent file, allowing them to determine whether or not to download the file at a glance. Furthermore, downloading anime torrents is a simple process. To complete the procedure, you do not need to establish an account or visit any new pages. The website is efficient and user-friendly.

Anina is a rebranded version of, which is one of the oldest anime torrent sites. It has gained widespread acceptance among anime lovers and has established itself as a powerful rival in the anime torrent scene. 


10. Bakabt


Bakabt is a private tracker that is only accessible after you have been invited on the condition that you have passed the interview on the BakaBT IRC channel. Unlike the anime torrenting websites we mentioned earlier, Bakabt is a private tracker that is only accessible after being invited on the condition that you have passed the interview on the BakaBT IRC channel. Here’s how to do it in detail:

Bakabt is well-known among anime fans as a great source of finding high-quality and certified anime torrent files, although downloading anime torrents require additional steps. So, if you’re looking for other helpful anime materials, this website is an excellent place to start.


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11. Animebytes


Another private torrent website on this list is AnitmeBytes. The extensive library of titles and high-quality content is highly recommended by Reddit’s anime community and several anime boards. AnimeBytes, on the other hand, opens its invite application at random. You must maintain a close eye on its invitation news for full access to the website’s information.



Finding a place to download anime torrents is never difficult. Here are 10 of the greatest anime torrent sites, ranked by popularity, content quality, number of torrents, and ease of use.

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