Emoji 'O7'

Why Is Twitch So Popular?

There are tons of apps available on the internet for every possible activity we could imagine. We can say that apps and tools are a blessing in disguise. They made things a lot more manageable for us and also made every activity less time-consuming. There are apps for almost everything and online platforms for every entertainment sector, and that includes gaming as well. Twitch is the famous gaming app we are going to talk about. It has been ranked as the most trusted and liked streaming device, next to YouTube, of course. 

Twitch, which was launched in 2007, is an American-based streaming app. It is owned by the great Amazon. It began its journey with one hand that continuously streamed about Justin Kan. Only after it received thumbs up from the viewers did Twitch decide to expand its channel. Now, anyone can use Twitch to upload videos online. Today, Twitch has millions of users with millions of fans.

Twitch New Features (The O7 Spectacle)-

As its popularity grew, the app was enhanced to make its users more satisfied. It broadened its horizon from one channel platform to multiple channels of gaming, radio, music, and other suitable topics. 

  • The unforgettable update Twitch made was adding emojis. Emojis have become more prevalent than actual words nowadays! 
  • They complete a sentence and even add emotions to it. Youth have proudly described emojis as “saying much without saying anything”, and we think it sums up what emojis mean. 
  • Twitch has made its users and viewers happier by launching emojis. They have encountered numerous emojis while using Twitch, and the emojis have increased in gaming channels. 
  • Like everything else, emojis too have ‘trends’. Currently, the “O7” emoji is trending on Twitch which has left people who are new or are not frequent in gaming channels, confused. 

What Does The Emoji ‘O7’ Stand For?

Streamers can choose emojis based on whatever message they want to deliver. We can use keyboard characters to form a meaningful combination, this combination can act as an emoji. People can message each other on the Twitch chat section. The members of a particular group will be able to read the messages sent there. There are certain code languages or acronyms created by gamers for their comfort and to chat easily with fewer words and new joiners should learn about those before entering Twitch so that they don’t feel like an outsider. 

‘O7’ is one such emoji that is widely in the Twitch chat section and it means that the person who sent this is saluting someone. People working in the same field tend to have massive respect for each other, and the ‘O7’ is to convey respect to the other players for their strategies or actions. 

When To Use The Saluting Emoji?

The ‘O7’ emoji, on Twitch use when someone wants to salute a gamer/streamer for something excellent and admirable they did. Gamers generally use this emoji to show their respect to gamers who have demonstrated new and excellent moves.  The moment someone sends ‘O7’, every player in that chat group will know that it has been to acknowledge the extraordinary game of the streamer. 

What Does Each Character Denote?

We know that the combined saluting emoji is ‘O7’ but what exactly is the meaning of each keyboard character used here? It would make the experience of using this emoji more fun if one knows what it portrays.

  1. When you decipher the ’07’ emoji, you will realize that it makes sense, that the saluting emoji visualizes a salute.
  2. If you break the ‘O7’ you will see that there are two characters-  O and 7.
  3. ‘O’ symbolizes the face or the head of a gamer/soldier. 
  4. And the other part, that is ‘7’, symbolizes the arms of the streamer. 
  5. The arm ‘7’ depicts the shape of the arms during the salute position. 
  6.  If you blend these two characters- head and arms, you will get an accurate  ‘Salute’ emoji. 

Professional gamers and Twitch users have also explained the emoji to others and to make this make sense to a non-gamer, they even came up with a trick to understand the emoji. They asked the newcomers to type ‘O7’ on the keyboard and tilt their heads a little to see the image it forms, it will look exactly like a ‘Salute.’ Do this, and one will see that it does look like someone is saluting! 

How To Use This Well-Known Emoji?

In Twitch, the Twitch chat section is where streamers talk to each other and it is where all the emojis use. Here is an example of how to use ‘O7’- “That move was amazing, O7”. Here, a player is acknowledging how commendable the other streamer’s game moves were. The other streamer will see this message in the chat section and will feel appreciated and noticed, which is what all the gamers need.

 The ‘O7’ should not be thrown around casually, it should be used only when a player has played exceptionally. Almost every player responds back to the salute with a ‘thank you’ or ‘appreciated’, these two deem the most suitable replies for the celebrity emoji ‘O7’.