Eco-Friendly Suppliers

As a business leader, it is your job to ensure that your company is as eco-friendly as possible. Reducing your carbon footprint is fundamental for reducing the effects of climate change, and we can only do this with renewability and sustainability.

One key factor to consider while trying to be environmentally friendly is who you choose as your supplier. These companies must do their bit too, so here are some factors to consider when looking for eco-friendly suppliers.

Clearly Lay Out Your Goal

The first step in finding an eco-friendly supplier is making sure they are on the same page as you. Most meetings with potential suppliers will require you to bring in a prototype of your product, so make sure you construct it using sustainable materials that are similar to the ones you wish to use. Also, be transparent about your eco-friendly goals from the start. While a company may not advertise itself as a sustainable supplier, it may still have the means to create your product to your specifications.

Look For User Reviews

A face-to-face meeting may ease any concerns that you have about a company and its eco-friendly ethos, but there is still the possibility that you are being told what you want to hear. The internet is a hive of information, so it is highly likely that other companies will have uploaded reviews of the supplier in question.

It doesn’t take long to find out how well a supplier performs. If they are prone to lying about their eco-friendly nature, you have the ability to find out. Do your research and you can prevent any needless mistakes.

Cover All Bases

Being eco-friendly isn’t always about creating a product with environmentally friendly materials. There are other things that you need to think about, such as packaging.

Resources like cardboard and eco polythene bags are now the go-to materials for packaging because they can be recycled. In fact, recycled polythene is now easy to come by, and this sustainable polythene is a great alternative now that plastic has been widely rejected. It isn’t even that hard to come by either. Just a quick trip to Polythene UK is all it takes to find eco-friendly polythene packaging. Again, make sure that you highlight your wishes to each supply company and you should come out with the eco-friendly supplier that you need.

Check Licencing Regulations

You can undertake all of the research steps above to find an eco-friendly supplier, but there is still one quick act that can provide you with all of the answers that you need. This act involves checking the license of the establishment.

While there are no laws that state that a company must detail its eco-friendly credentials, a supplier may have some certifications that you will find useful. Remember, these suppliers are looking to stand out from the competition, so ask if they have any proof of their sustainability and they will gladly provide it for you.


Going green is the right step to take, but it is only effective if everyone is on the same page. Search for a sustainable supplier to become part of an eco-friendly chain. That way we can grow one step closer to an eco-friendly future.

By Punit