Dog Toys for Puppies

Although not entirely the same thing, getting a pup can be likened to having a baby. It comes with new responsibilities and being fixated on doing all the right things and catering for your young to the fullest to prevent neglect. However, if you do not know the essentials to focus on, you might just go around in circles.

One essential of raising a healthy and loved pup is getting dog toys for your pup. Dog toys are ideal for keeping your pups occupied in a fun and healthy way and helping reduce anxiety, amongst many other benefits.

Now that we have that out of the way keep reading for our curated list of top dog toys for your puppies:

1. Chew Toys

In a couple of months to a few years, your pups would go on to become mature pooches expected to have strong and healthy jaws and teeth. This is where chew toys come in. Chewable toys are great for teething puppies to help strengthen their teeth and jaws. They also help with pups’ stimulation and bring relief to teething-induced pains. Such toys usually come in rubber and rope forms and other dental-friendly textures, as chew toys in abrasive materials will only hurt your puppies’ dental health.

2. Interactive Toys

The early stages of a dog’s life are the foundational stage of developing great intellect and keen sense. With interactive toys, your pups will get familiar with sounds and noises, which are great for training them. Such toys are also ideal for mentally stimulating your puppies and helping them get rid of boredom. Instances include squeaky toys, dog puzzles and whatnot.

3. Plush Toys

Great for comfort, sleep, cuddling and lots more, plush toys are pups’ must-haves. Usually in different shapes and forms, they might come as just plush toys or with buttons that squeak and make other noises when pushed. While plush toys are great in their own right, they are prone to garnering grime, dirt and molds and thus must be cleaned and washed often.

4. Active Toys

Are you blessed with an energetic and active breed? You can tone down your pup’s hyperactivity with active toys that match their energy. Fetch toys, ball launchers, and other toys that help to keep your dogs exercised and in great physical shape are great for spirited dogs.

5. Comfort Toys

Comfort toys and accessories help puppies with anxiety, sleeping problems and other habits that may discomfort your mutt. For instance, the way a snug personalized dog harness will leave your active dog comfortable and non-pressured is the same way comfort toys will bring comfort to your pups when necessary. They may be toys that remind your pups of their mother and their siblings, like a plush dog toy.

The exciting thing about these toys is that you can get them all for your pups. A little excessive? Maybe. But your pups deserve all the love and care in the world. Having a variety of these toys gives your puppies options and an avenue to alternate toys. What toys do your pups love the most?

By Punit