Being pregnant makes it natural to feel some pressure to buy the “ideal” supplies before the baby is born. Unfortunately, marketers of these products often have greater interests than your comfort or convenience in mind.

Fortunately, most of these items are affordable enough that you won’t bankrupt yourself trying to buy them all before your baby arrives. The following tips will help you find the nursing pillow that’s right for you at a decent price.

Buying a Nursing Pillow

Know Your Options

The items that can make your nursing time easier include nursing pillows, comforters, and breast coverlets. Some of these nursing accessories can be used either with or without the nursing pillow.

The Nursing Pillow is a long cushion that looks like a regular pillow except that it incorporates an opening for the baby’s head. The baby will rest on the pillow comfortably without having to be distracted by a fabric covering. A specially designed Nursing Pillow ensures maximum support and is available in various shapes and sizes to help you make your choice as per your need.

A Cozy and Comfortable Pillow is a Must

If you’re shopping for nursing pillows, you will probably encounter sales pitches describing how the pillow will e-n-c-a-r-y your baby. A good nursing pillow doesn’t have to be a crutch; it should act as a comfortable place to nurse that enables you to interact with your baby and maintain your own comfort at the same time.

Check the Dimensions and Fabric Care

Your nursing pillow should be big enough for you to relax comfortably while breastfeeding your child, but not so big that it overwhelms your living space. You should also make sure that the fabric of the pillow is not too thick. You don’t want to find yourself fumbling with your baby on a pillow that isn’t comfortable or large enough for you to use.

Foam cushion nursing pillow

Foam pillows are often suitable for breastfeeding, but they are not very comfortable for the baby to sleep on, because the bulkiness of foam keeps it from conforming to a baby’s head. A foam pillow is well suited as a back support pillow when you’re holding your baby in your arms or sitting with him on your lap.

Hooked cushion nursing pillow

Hooked cushions can be very effective for nursing. This pillow has a hook in the front part of the cushion so that it fits into your arm comfortably and doesn’t slide or fall out. The divider is made from a fabric that helps to prevent the baby’s head from sliding onto you during feeding. The following dimensions should suit most mothers properly:

Length: 31 inches (79cm)

Width:19 inches (48cm)

Height: 18 – 19 inches (45- 48 cm).

Inflatable nursing pillow

There are many other options for nursing pillows, including inflatable. These pillows resemble the shape of a pregnant woman’s tummy and are quite comfortable. However, since they are inflatable they take up more space than some of the other varieties of nursing pillows, which can be a problem if you don’t have much room in your home. They also tend to be less durable than other kinds of nursing pillows and may require frequent re-inflation.

Buying a Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows should be as comfortable as possible to encourage your baby to take the breast. Be sure that you can purchase firm or extra firm pillows for breastfeeding so that your baby can get a grip on them if he or she doesn’t have a good latch on the breast. The nursing pillow is not advised for premature babies. Make sure that the pillow offers an incline rather than a steep slope.

By Punit