Used bikes have become quite popular these days. More and more individuals are opting to buy a second-hand bike rather than splurging on a new one. Used bikes allow individuals to afford a bike and are also a good choice for those who are still polishing their driving skills. Buying used motorcycles has also become very easy as more and more dealers are offering used bikes for sale. Moreover, even the online marketplace has specialized websites that cater to used vehicles. If you are also looking for buying a used motorcycle, you can :

  • visit a dealer or an online platform that sells used bikes.
  • choose a bike which suits your requirement and budget.
  • complete the necessary paperwork and pay for the bike.

Get ownership of the bike

While the process of buying used bikes is simple and quick, it is the documentation that leaves many individuals baffled and confused. So, here is a list of 10 important documents which would be required when you buy a used motorcycle:

Buying A Used Motorcycle

#1 The RC Book

The RC Book of the bike is the most important document during the purchase process. When buying a used bike, you should obtain the RC book and get the ownership changed in the book from the respective RTO.

#2 The two-wheeler insurance policy

The bike which you are buying would have an attached two-wheeler insurance cover on it as the cover is legally mandatory. However, the cover would be in the name of the previous owner. When you buy the bike, you would also have to transfer the insurance policy to your name. This transfer is done when you inform the insurance company of the change of ownership of the bike.

The company would require the changed RC book of the bike and the ownership would be changed. Check the coverage under the policy to find out whether it is comprehensive or third-party two-wheeler insurance. If it is third-party two-wheeler insurance and you want a comprehensive cover, you can buy bike insurance online and change the coverage. You can also request the insurance company to allow you to buy bike insurance online for a comprehensive cover.

#3 Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

You also need the PUC certificate of the bike to find out whether the bike is PUC compliant or not. If the validity of the certificate has expired, you can get a new certificate after conducting a PUC test.

#4 Road tax certificate

You also need a certificate of the road tax paid by the previous owner of the bike. Road tax is an important requirement for driving the bike on Indian roads and the certificate shows that the tax has been paid.

#5 Form 28

This is an RTO form which is the No Objection Certificate issued by the seller of the bike indicating that the seller approves the sale of the bike to the buyer. The form should be filled and submitted at the RTO for transferring the RC book in the name of the buyer.

#6 Form 29

This form is the Notice of Transfer of Ownership of the bike. This form notifies the RTO that the bike is being sold second hand and that the ownership has changed. The form is also required to be submitted to the RTO.

#7 Form 30

This form is the Report of Transfer of Ownership of the bike. This is the same as Form 29 except that Form 29 notifies the RTO and Form 30 is a report on the transfer of ownership.

#8 Sales receipt

A sales receipt should be taken by you from the vendor selling you the used bike. This receipt would prove the sale of the bike.

#9 Photographs

Your passport sized photographs would be required to change the ownership details in the RC book and also to transfer the two-wheeler insurance policy.

#10 Address proof

Your address proof would be required so that the RC book and the insurance policy displays the updated address of the new owner.

So, when buying a used bike, ensure you arrange for all the above-mentioned documents and get the RC Book and the insurance policy changed in your name.

By Punit