Kharadi’s is a lively area with a large number of technology companies and a growing number of young workers. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Pune, India. With this growth, Kharadi’s restaurant scene has exploded over the past few years, providing people with a wide variety of places to eat, from street food to fine dining.

Here are some of the dishes you should try at the best tech-friendly establishments in Kharadi’s:

1. Murgh Tikka Masala at MasalaBar

MasalaBar is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Kharadi, known for its lively atmosphere, wide selection of drinks, and delicious Indian food, including their popular Murgh Tikka Masala. It’s the perfect place to party with friends and enjoy a memorable dining experience in one of Kharadi’s top establishments.

Dishes at Kharadi's

Murgh Tikka Masala stands out because it is made with soft chicken pieces marinated in a spicy yogurt mixture and then cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. The dish is served with rice or naan, which makes it hearty and tasty.

2. Café Raasta serves fries with truffles

Raasta Cafe is a great place to relax with a menu that mixes Indian and Continental flavors. Be sure to try the truffle fries at Raasta Café. They are made with crispy French fries drizzled with truffle oil and topped with chopped parmesan cheese. The rich taste of truffles and the salty taste of Parmesan are a combination made in heaven.

3. At Toss Sports Lounge you can try Thai Green Curry

At Toss Sports Lounge you can meet up with friends, watch a couple of games and have a delicious meal. Toss Sports Lounge features Thai green curry. It is from coconut milk, lemongrass and a range of Thai spices. Curries serve with rice or noodles, and you can add meat or vegetables to your liking.

4. Pesto pizza at The Pizza Stop

Pizza Stop is a well-known pizzeria with a large selection of toppings and cakes. Pesto pizza at The Pizza Stop is a unique dish. It has a thin crust, pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and fried garlic. The basil and garlic in the pesto go well with the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes, so the taste is just perfect.

5. Chicken in oil at Sigree Global Grill

Sigree Global Grill is a great place to have a family dinner or celebrate a special occasion. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including Indian and international dishes. The chicken butter at Sigree Global Grill is a must try. It is from tender pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. The dish serves with rice or naan and if you want Indian food this will definitely help.

6. Sizzlers at Aaoji Khaoji

Maharashtrian food is famous at Aaoji Khaoji which is famous for its authentic flavors and large portions. Be sure to try the Sizzlers at Aaoji Khaoji. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions to choose from. The sizzling dishes serve on a hot plate with your choice of chicken, vegetables and a delicious sauce.

7. Le Plaisir has a cheesecake

Le Plaisir is a cute little cafe with a variety of pastries, sweets and coffee. The cheesecake at Le Plaisir is a standout dish. It has a smooth creamy filling and a buttery graham cracker top. Cheesecake is just the right thing to make it sweet and tangy, making it the perfect ending to a meal.

8. Shawarma station offers shawarma

Shawarma Station is a popular place for a quick and tasty meal. Among other things, they serve chicken, lamb and vegetarian shawarma. Be sure to try the shawarma at the shawarma station. Juicy pieces of meat or vegetables wrap in warm pita bread and poured over with various sauces and toppings. The flavor is strong and delicious, making it a great choice for a quick meal that fills you up.

9. Biryani in Biryani Box

Biryani Box is a small restaurant that specializes in biryani, a traditional Indian food made with spiced rice, meat or vegetables and sauce. Be sure to try Biryani from Biryani Box and you can choose between chicken, lamb and vegetarian options. The rice cooks and seasoned properly and the meat is tender and flavorful. Together they prepare a hearty and tasty meal.

10. There is a chocolate bomb in the Chocolate Room.

The Chocolate Room is a dessert café serving chocolate cakes, smoothies and sundaes, among others. Be sure to try the Chocolate Room’s Chocolate Bomb. This is a rich chocolate cake filling with melted chocolate and topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. The dessert is hearty and delicious, making it a great treat for anyone who loves chocolate.


There are many different places to eat in Kharadi’s, so there is something for everyone. These ten dishes are just some of the must-try dishes in Kharadi’s top tech establishments. They offer delicious flavors and unique gastronomic experiences.