Travel is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in different cultures and traditions. It’s a chance to experience new customs and ways of life that you may feel closed off from in your own country – just traveling to sit and enjoy the sun is fine, but truly experiencing the authenticity of a country through its traditions and culture creates an unforgettable experience. Some countries are more well-known for their traditions than others. We’ve created a list of destinations you might not have thought to put on your travel list before but are home to some of the most exciting traditions to dive into. Read on to find out more.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv-Yafo – commonly referred to as just Tel Aviv – is a city sitting on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. It’s a beautiful city full of rich culture and tradition stemming from religion. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity religion form the basis of many of the celebrations you’ll find happening in Tel Aviv. For example, Passover is one of the most important celebrations in the Judaism holy calendar – locals will share food from the passover seder plate, attend prayer services at the synagogue, and celebrate for a total of seven days. 

Tel Aviv is more of the more modern areas of Isreal – as well as religion and tradition, you’ll find delightful restaurants lining the coast and beautiful modern shopping malls to explore and purchase from. If you don’t want to be carrying any trinkets home, however, you can always get some Jewish holiday gifts online. No one will know!


Brazil is a country steeped in tradition – the culture is one of the most vibrant and exciting. Head towards Brazil during carnival season, and you won’t be disappointed. The Rio carnival, one of the most famous, happens during February, but you’ll often be able to immerse yourself in street carnivals each month. The carnivals in Brazil are dubbed the greatest show on earth – the vibrant colors, wild costumes, and music fill the streets until the early hours.

Brazillian culture is very much about socializing and family. All you need to do is spend an afternoon outside a bar in the sun on a Saturday or Sunday. You’ll find yourself in the heart of Brazillian culture – spending time with people. When you’re not at a carnival or mixing with the locals, take a trip to Christ the Redeemer or Iguazu Falls. 


Mumbai is a bustling city with a busy culture. You’ll find yourself wrapped up in the whirlwind of the city with tons of experiences to immerse yourself in. Dubbed the city that never sleeps, you’ll find street parties, markets, and religious celebrations every day you’re there. Heading to Mumbai during any of the following; Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Maha Shivratri, or Eid, is one of the best times to travel. The streets line with dancers, flames, colors, food, and music. 

In addition to roaming the bustling streets, you should put the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, the Hanging Gardens, and Dhobi Ghat on your tourist must-see list.

Immersing yourself in different cultures and ways of life is a captivating experience. It’s a chance to see how other people live. See how you might like to change your life, and what life means to different people. You learn so much about the world by getting out and exploring it.

By Punit