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6 Signs and Reasons for Detecting Slab Leaks With Minimal Destruction

Detecting Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are considered to be the most common problem in the current day’s households. Early detection of a leaking slab is very important. This is an element that you cannot ignore as a homeowner.

Sometimes, detection of a leak can become very difficult. There are no such alarm systems that help to raise a warning about any particular issues in a slab. Often, this leads to the further progression of the leak. It ultimately causes a lot of the problems.

Whenever you experience such problems, you should take the help of services related to the slab leak repair Laguna Niguel. Sometimes, the presence of leaks in the slab is detected lately. By the time, it causes a lot of damage.

This is the reason, why you should always get an idea about how to detect a slab leak earlier. So that it fails to cause any serious damage to the specific building.

1. Increased Water Bills

Sometimes, you may discover that there is a sudden increase in the water bills without any of the causes. At that time, you can expect that there may be some problem.

A sudden rise of the water bills when the consumption rate is constant can be an indication of a slab leak. Most of the leaks specifically occur inside the slabs and in some cases. It can be very difficult to identify the leaks and observe this with your naked eyes.

So, if you find such problems, you should opt for the best services related to the slab leak repair Laguna Niguel. They will identify and rectify the problem well.

Increased water bill can be an indication that you are making use of more water or there is the presence of leaks somewhere in your house.

This is considered to be the main reason, why you should focus on constantly monitoring the amount of water that you consume every month. This will help you to notice any changes in the water bill.

2. Low Water Pressure

Some of the most common causes of the low water pressure involve faulty valves, the presence of debris in the water, water leaks, and the buildup of the minerals specified in the pipes.

If you observe that all other causes are in check, then the low water pressure problem can be because of the presence of a slab leak. To effectively check the cause of the low water pressure, you should focus on determining every water point of your home.

Another thing that you should do is to run the water to effectively determining the points which have low pressure. You should find out the features of those points, in case the low pressure is present at particular locations.

Also, it is equally important to determine whether the place is near a slab or not. An under slab leak can specifically result in a particular slab that is located near the low-pressure water outlets.

Detecting Slab Leaks

3. Movement Of The Foundation

A leaking slab can contribute to causing movement and cracks, particularly in the foundation. As a result, the water discovers its way through the slabs. Not only that, but it moves downwards till it reaches the foundation.

The overall stability of the concrete is also interfered with as a result of it and thereby, it contributes to causing settlement. After that, the settlement causes a movement along with cracks because of the instability of the overlying pressure.

So, it is not advisable to ignore any sports of the foundation problems. All that you need is to opt for a professional service related to the slab leak repair Laguna Niguel who has the expertise to effectively deal with such problems.

4. Spots On The Floor

Some of the people do not take spots on the floor that seriously. But, this can be due to the leaking slab. The presence of spots indicates that the hot water lines which are running underneath the slab possess holes or are broken for some reason.

In this regard, the warm spots are considered to be very common. This is because the hot water can increase the corrosion rate because of the chemical reactions occurring on the pipe.

Sometimes, the presence of a hot spot on the floor can also be the indication that there is leakage in the value on the shower or bathroom sink which are present near the slab position.

Although these particular cases are not that serious, you should always take care of such problems as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can even lead to some other major issues.

5. Sound Of The Water Running On The Walls

This is regarded as a clear indication of a slab leak. To determine, whether it is due to the leaks or not, you should close all the running taps of the house. After that, you need to listen to the sound coming out from the walls.

Another thing that you should do is to effectively check the water meter which is present in the position of the wall. If the pointer is running, then there can be some hidden running source which could be because of a slab leak.

6. Common Problems Around The House

Not only the foundation problems, some common or generalized problems can also result in slab leaks in your house. Some of those problems include cracks in the floors and walls, etc.

Whenever you come across such problems, it is always advisable to take the help of specialized services who are well aware of detailed and proper repair techniques.

How To Find The Slab Leak?

There are generally two methods with the help of which you would be able to find an under slab leak. It includes destructive and also non-destructive methods. In this regard, the destructive tools are drillers and shovels.

On the other hand, non-destructive tools include electromagnetic pipe locators and also electromagnetic amplifiers. But, in this regard, you should know about the fact that non-destructive tools are much more expensive when compared to destructive tools.

So, the type of method you choose is dependent on your financial ability and also the results that you want to achieve.

Final Words

So, if you are sure about the presence of a slab leak, then you should focus on hiring a specialized foundation repair or plumber services. In this regard, opting for the help of a foundation repair specialist is mostly preferred.

Also, before opting for their services, you should first consider the effects of the leak on the stability and strength of the slab. Some of the most common repair options available are rerouting, spot repair along epoxy pipe coating.