After battling throughout the day with the negative impacts of sun exposure such as the loss of water and salt through excessive sweating and sunburn, a comfortable and soothing indoors plays an important role in the harsh summers. A bedroom or a place to call your own if given a seasonal update to rejuvenate and heal at the end of the day will help you to energize for the following day.

A refreshing bedroom will become a sleep paradise to bring a wealth of health benefits. Want to transforming your bedroom into a luxurious bedroom oozing comfort and coziness from each nook and cranny? This is what hotel interior designers are expert at. These days they are also being hired as home interior designers. Let’s see how:

1. Linen & Curtains

Curtains in the bedroom interiors

If you are experimenting with linens then bringing some color and patterns will add some fun to your bedroom. Super soft pastel bed linens in contrast with cushions, curtains, rugs, and wall colors will add a statement to your room. Linen bedding are one of the essential element to elevate the interiors of any room. A fabric which is known for its anti-allergic properties also helps you. It lets you drift off to sleep in a much convenient manner.

To have a seamless look coordinate your bedding, with furniture will make your bedding design versatile on a whim.

2. Fresh Flowers & Greenery

interior look of your bedroom

Fresh flowers are an inexpensive way to bestow your love and romantic affection for your soul-mate. Displaying flowers not only in the bedroom but every room of your home will exude inspirational cheer and freshness. Just keep a check & avoid flowers which may cause you allergies.

Sanke Plants in the bedroom

Having some house plants such as snake plant, money plant purify the air in your room. These release a considerable amount of oxygen to breathe in. You can be creative about putting them in your bedroom depending on its size.

3. Adding luxuries

Use of luxurious accessories in the bedroom - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

According to many home interior designers, people feel like revamping their bedroom after coming back from the vacations and to everyone’s surprise, it is not that expensive and hard to achieve. With no major decor speculations such as replacing lampshades, layering pillows, organizing the clutter, replacing linens, drapes, adding artistic touch through various means of walls, fans, and paintings are enough to create a smart looking space.

4. Window treatment

Large window in a bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms the large windows have their own pros. These are like to let lots of natural light, ventilation, the panoramic views to change the ambience indoors. Other than this add an aesthetic appeal. Is your house situated in the midst of lush greenery? Then having large windows in bedroom becomes the basic element of interiors. Above all these large windows will let you enjoy the freshness of breeze in your bedroom whenever it’s a beautiful day outside. A pool, sea beach, greenery or mountains all serve as a balm for the spirit when you throw off your curtains every morning.

5. Lights

beautiful chandeliers in a bedroom

The amount and type of lighting if you are not clear with or chosen inappropriately will create an unpleasant environment. Bedrooms are not meant for just sleeping they also require lighting for your early morning preparations when the Sun is on its way to rise, to complete your office presentation in bed or to enjoy a movie with your partner.

It is important to add a combination of bright lights for tasks and soft to add a glow to your mood. The bedside lamps, hanging pendants of varying length or wall mounted sconces with switches to choose the level of lights compatible to your lifestyle, chandeliers or fancy pendant lights to style your bedroom will sound more than pleasing to your family and guests.

A comfortable, cozy and stylishly decorated bedroom is no longer related to hotel bedrooms during vacations only as people these days are creative and smart enough to hire nearby top interior design firms which are helping their dreams come true in no time.