Decoration Ideas to Celebrate Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day of celebrating the most beautiful emotion in the world. It is love- the quintessential and eternal feeling of the world. As this feeling itself is such grand, it deserves a celebration grander. Every day should be celebrating a celebration of love; however, it is a symbolic way of remembering. When you are planning to celebrate love with your beloved(s), the first step to make it a grand success is to plan an amazing decoration. Here are some eye-catching decoration ideas to celebrate this love season with your Valentine.

1) Conversation Heart Balloons

Balloons are an expression of utter happiness; balloons have such an outlook that will make everyone smile. An inflated bag filled with air is a perfect example of a beautiful gift. Especially, when it is red in color and heart in shape, it is ideal love. How about celebrating a conversation through balloons! You can put conversation chits inside the inflated red heart balloons and gift them to your beloved.

It is best to mark them with consequential numbers; so that your beloved would understand which one to pop after which one. It will be a fun décor as at the end of the day, the last balloon would express the three golden words of ‘I LOVE YOU’. You can choose to send Valentine’s balloons online to your beloved’s place.

2) Flower Heart Decoration

As it is a love celebration, making heart signs using anything will make the décor of the perfect theme. As the flower is an ingredient that can be used in various ways, this flower heart decoration would be something exclusive. You can pick the flower according to your choice. Make a backdrop wall of these decorations.

You can choose to make borders of love signs to create with flowers, or you can choose to fill the whole love sign with flowers. In filing the flower, it would be better to make the borders of bright red color and the body of paler color flowers. It will impress your beloved in a very romantic way. Livraison de fleurs en ligne en France sites can provide the best quality flowers for this.

3) Couple Photo Collage

A couple is the main foci of the celebration of Valentine’s Day. If a lover chooses to decorate the whole hall with the couple photos they have taken throughout the days, it will be the perfect way to decorate the celebrating party. You can separate them according to the years; you can hang them on the wall or can paste them on it. It will be time-consuming; hence need a lot of preparation. However, it will be the best surprise gift to your beloved on this ‘day of love’.

4) Valentine’s Day Heart Tree

A Valentine’s Day heart tree is similar to that of a Christmas tree. A decorated original or ready-made tree, with different colored paper cutting, loves hanging from them. One can also hang some message heart- cards from them to make it more special for the lovers. One can choose to décor the heart with other lovely gifts like chocolates, candies, and letters as well. It will always make your beloved emotional; as it will be the complete reflection of the essence of love.

5) Hugs and Kisses XO Wreath

This wreath is a little different and extra than the normal wreath. As the normal wreath is a round decoration; this one forms a horizontal ‘XO’ sign. The X is made of luscious green leaves while the O is formed with red and pink shade flowers. The flowers include roses, tulips, and a lot of gerberas. The whole decoration is hanging from a white linen bow; it will be perfect to decorate the entrance door of the party hall. Also, it is one of the most beautiful flower decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day to impress your love.

6) Banner of love letters

The most special part of a relationship is the words you share; the love letters. From the very first ‘I like you’ letter, then the proposal letter followed by the acceptance letter to the anniversary letter; the ‘I am Sorry’ letter after the first fall out- everything is very special to a lover. If you are planning for a celebration inside the home, these will be the most precious props to use to decorate the house on the ultimate day of love-the Valentine’s Day. 

7) Heart Wall Art

A heart is the symbol of love; the sign o eternity. A wall decorated with various shapes, sizes, and designs of hearts will always mesmerize your love. You can make paper cutting hearts of different colors and write different messages on them. The best would be if the whole decoration creates a heart shape on the wall with an ‘I LOVE YOU’ at the bottom of it. A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon at this party will be the best wine idea for Valentine’s Day for celebrating the day most grandly.

Gift ideas are special and expected; however, the decorations are always an unexpected gift of love on Valentine’s Day. Above are the most special decoration ideas for this love season celebration.