Investing in property can be an excellent means of creating long-term wealth, especially if you take advantage of new property launches that give you the opportunity to purchase properties at exceptionally low prices. Here are tips to help you get the best deals on property launch in Singapore, so you can secure your own piece of real estate paradise without spending too much money in the process.

New Property Launches in Singapore

1. Calculate Your Total Investment

The first thing you have to do when considering purchasing new property launches in Singapore is to add up all the money you will need for the down payment, legal fees, stamp duty and other expenses that come with buying a house. Add this figure up along with an estimated value of fee simple property in Singapore and compare it to the current prices of new properties coming on sale. If the price difference is too high, then you should wait for prices to come down before making your purchase.

2. Consider Factors That Affect Value

It may not help if a new launch is going for below market value if the location of a new property does not please your fancy. You should also consider factors such as future development, the area’s amenities, schools and public transport. These factors play an important role in validating the property’s value despite it being a newly launched development.

3. Plan Accordingly

If you decide to pursue a new property purchase, then you have to make sure that you have enough of your emergency fund set aside in case unexpected problems occur before or during your property transaction. This money can be used to pay for legal expenses or any other urgent matters concerning your house purchase, thereby preventing any delays from happening. Do not forget to incorporate some money into your budget for renovations after moving into a new property as well.

New Property Launches in Singapore

4. Be Patient

Just like in any other financial transaction, you should wait for the right buying opportunity to come along. This does not mean that you should sit around and do nothing, however. You should conduct regular searches on the internet for new property launches so that you can research new properties whenever one catches your attention.

5. Budget Wisely

While it is true that new property launches are fairly cheap, it does not mean that they are cheap enough to purchase without thinking about what your budget can really afford. Conduct a cost estimator search online so that you can determine how much money you have to spend on a new property and what kinds of properties fit this budget profile. Look at the finished apartment rentals so that you can determine if they will fit your furniture needs when it comes to personal items.

6. Make Comparisons

It would be wise to coordinate with other families or friends who have recently bought new properties when planning the renovation of your house. You can play a greater role in decisions on what to do with the renovated property if you know more about what you are getting into and have options to compare with. You should also know what kind of property is being sold so that you do not buy something that is too small for your family.

New property launches can be a great way to secure your piece of real estate paradise without spending too much money. Just remember to calculate the total investment beforehand and plan accordingly, so that you can make the most out of what you are buying.

By Punit