Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook File

Best Way to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook File

Lotus Notes NSF, is a popular desktop email client developed by IBM. Many users use Lotus Notes NSF, the Lotus Note email client, but they’d like to change their email clients to a different default application for email because of the changing requirements. Since Outlook keeps information within PST files, it is impossible to access the Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook. A user must transfer the NSF document to an Outlook format to access IBM Notes mailbox information in Outlook. We’ll discuss the most effective method for converting Lotus Notes to Outlook using Lotus Notes NSF Converter tool in detail below.

Then, I’ll explain the different reasons for exporting Lotus Notes to Outlook in this article, and after that, we’ll come up with a feasible solution.

Reasons to Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook

There are multiple reasons to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook.

  • Outlook is more affordable than Lotus Notes compared to Lotus Notes and has lower maintenance expenses.
  • Outlook is a program that integrates part of Microsoft Office Suite, while Notes is a stand-alone application.
  • Microsoft lets users establish multiple accounts simultaneously. Outlook enables you to access your mailbox offline, while Lotus Notes doesn’t.
  • In contrast with Notes, Outlook has better security features and is easily used by anyone.
  • Comparatively, with MS Outlook, Lotus Notes isn’t as user-friendly.

It’s suitable for novice and inexperienced users who use Outlook. Outlook application.

More email clients can support Outlook PST files.

Let’s talk about ways to tackle these issues.

Manual Methods to transfer emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook

The export of NSF email into Outlook manually. In the beginning, we must convert the NSF file into CSV and then import the CSV file to MS Outlook. So, the entire process of migration can be completed in two stages:

  • 1: Convert NSF to CSV
  • 2: Import CSV File to Outlook

Stage 1: Convert NSF to CSV

Follow these sets of directions to convert NSF file into CSF formats.

  1. Start your computer, launch the IBM Lotus Notes application. Open the application and navigate through the NSF file. NSF file you wish to convert into PST format.
  2. Select File, and then click in Export using the dropdown menu. The Export dialog box will now be displayed on your computer.
  3. Indicate the location where you would like the file to be saved on your computer. After you hit on the Save by Type, an options menu opens, allowing you to select the CSV format for the file.
  4. Choose the Export option after providing the file’s title.
  5. Once the process is complete When you are done, press the OK button.

This procedure will only create an CSV file. We must change the format of Lotus Notes to Outlook hence we need to transfer this CSV file into Outlook.

Stage 2: Import CSV File to Outlook

  1. Take these steps in order to Import CSV file to your Outlook account.
  2. It is recommended to install Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Choose File on the bar menu. Then press the open button and select Import in the drop-down menu.
  3. An Import and Export screen displays on your computer screen. After clicking Next, you will be selecting Import from another software or choose File in the choices.
  4. An additional window should open on your screen. Select the CSV file and click”OK”.
  5. Find the directory in which you downloaded NSF files from Lotus Notes. NSF File directly from Lotus Notes to your hard disk.
  6. Will display three options for the import of files. Choose the right option from the drop-down menu, and then hit Next.
  7. Incorporating NSF files into Outlook takes time. NSF data into Outlook requires some time.
  8. Press the Finish button after you’ve finished the process.

Utilizing the method above you can use the above method to convert Lotus Notes into Outlook. If you’re unable to use this complicated method use professional software for converting Lotus Notes emails to Outlook.


  • A few disadvantages or limitations could be confronted by the user when they convert Lotus Notes NSF into Outlook PST.
  • If you encounter any problem, There is no one to help you and you’re left with more time.
  • There is a chance of losing data.
  • If you don’t follow these steps properly there is a good chance that your data will become corrupted.
  • It’s a difficult technique that is difficult for users who are not technical to comprehend.

So, it is suggested to utilize a professional service in order to change NSF into PST without any limitations.

Professional Way to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook

Lotus Notes to Outlook Lotus Notes to Outlook is software that converts NSF converts NSF to PST files. NSF file formats (in IBM/Lotus Notes) can be easily saved to Outlook PST or another file format. There are numerous advantages to making use of the no-cost Lotus Notes in Outlook. Users can easily open NSF files with no need for Lotus Notes. This program is a powerful tool that allows the export of Lotus Notes email to Outlook quickly and effectively. If you’re using this program, you can transfer messages from Lotus Notes to Outlook without any issues.

The program converts every one of your converted Lotus Notes emails to Outlook with just a few clicks. Once you have done that, you will be able to effortlessly gain access to Outlook notes.

Wrap Up

We’ve covered Lotus Notes and the NSF file format. Then, we discuss why it is necessary to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. In the wake of this discussion and discussion, we will look at the root causes and attempt to resolve the issue. The study also mentions both automated and manual methods for conversion of NSF in PST files swiftly and efficiently. Therefore, if you’re planning to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook, you can utilize an application from a third party to achieve the most effective results while taking the lowest risk and error.

By Punit