Check iPhone LCD is Original

If you have managed to break or crack your iPhone 6 LCD screen then the first thing to avoid is panicking. There are ways to get it fixed; however, this should be done as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. There is a difference between the protective glass and the iPhone LCD screen itself that can make a big difference to the type of repair you need.

The liquid display screen is the screen behind the main glass. This will help you to get the best quality display and responsiveness you have come to expect from your phone. A damaged iPhone 6 LCD screen can usually be diagnosed by newlines or patterns coming onto the screen with use. Parts of the screen that seem discolored when the phone is on or a screen that is totally black and non-responsive. How to judge if it’s original?

Although the glass can be replaced without replacing the iPhone 6 LCD screen. It is usually a difficult process to remove one without the other. That is is why it is advisable to replace both. Although there is usually a price variation between a fake and original iPhone 6 LCD screen. Still getting a fake could make a big difference to your usability. So that your phone may not function as well as it could.

Identifying Fake LCD

When you choose a fake it can cause DPI and resolution problems as well as color brightness. In addition to this, the workmanship is usually lower. Choosing an original iPhone 6 LCD screen is the only way you can be sure your phone will be restored to its original state. Unfortunately, there are rogue traders out there who will tell you that your iPhone 6 LCD screen is original and manufactured by Apple, but this is not always the case.

There are ways to tell that the screen is made specifically for your phone with one being by the backlight. To ensure the problem is not with the backlight itself if it is possible you should check the screen on a phone you know does not have a backlight problem.

When you purchase or have your iPhone 6 LCD screen replaced by a professional service, the best way to check that the part they have replaced is original is by the backlight. In OEM versions many people find that the backlight is dimmer than it was originally. This can be verified by checking alongside another iPhone if possible.

In some cases there is a backlight, however, the screen is unable to display images or shows lines or odd shapes which could lead you to believe the new screen has not been fitted correctly. The original parts have been created specifically for the iPhone 6, and therefore fit without touching. They are more complicated than they originally seem which is why they are generally more expensive than the generic types.

Here are some other ways as following:

1. Weight

The fake screens tend to be heavier than the original, so if you feel that your phone is heavier than it was once the screen has been replaced then this is another indicator that it is a fake.

2. Color

The actual glass should not be see-through, grey or cream in color. The original iPhone 6 LED screens only come in black.

3. Earpiece grill

The screen will also have a grille to cover the earpiece, this should be uniform to the screen your original iPhone when you first bought it. This will mean that it is made from a black mesh that is fine. If the iPhone 6 LED screens come without the grill, the grill is silver or another color other than white or the holes are large you have a fake.

4. Rainbow colors

When you clean iPhone 6 LED screens you can use a spotlight/pin light to shine on it. This should display a cross pattern of diamonds that are rainbow-colored. This is something you will not find on a fake as they are usually mass-produced quickly with the fine details that are unique to Apple left out.

5. Visible proximity sensor

There is a proximity sensor in the glass that should not usually be seen. If it is visible it should be a neutral grey color. If it is more of blue transparent color it is not an original manufactured by Apple.

6. Apple logo

The Apple logo of an original iPhone 6 LCD screen will be printed on both the flex cables and screen flex. This will be alongside a laser mark which can be located on the front camera face bracket. The cover light should show the logo when reflection is shown on the cover.

How to judge if it’s original LCD by the backlight? According to this article, I bet you will grasp the main details in terms of iPhone 6 screen digitizer replacement. We can make sure that our iPhone 6 LCD screen goes through QC testing in order to receive the best quality screen parts. Our iPhone 6 screen features the beautiful 4.7″ inch Retina display with 1334-by-750-pixel resolution at 326 PPI.