Creative Ideas to Change The Dynamics Of Your Relationship With your Partner

Human beings are creatures of habit and that reflects in every aspect of our lives and when you form a romantic relationship with someone, certain dynamics will evolve. One person will be in the dominant role, at least to some degree, whether it be breadwinner related or not, and the important thing to remember is these dynamics are in a constant state of change.

Here are a few creative ways to boost your relationship.


You might be a funny person, which means your partner will always be laughing, or at least they should be! If you’re not known for your comedy talents, why not take a stab at being funny; there’s nothing to lose by showing your comical side and it can take the stress out of life. You can be romantically funny by sending cards at special times of the year, making sure to add a funny one-liner at the bottom.

Explore sexual fantasies

If the prospect of having an open discussion with your partner about things like masturbation and bondage doesn’t appeal, there may be a divide that needs bridging. If you can’t talk about sexual preferences, there is no real foundation for the relationship; whether it be on your or their part, this needs to be discussed and the barrier removed.


If you are the one who brings in the money, look at things from your partner’s perspective; how would you feel if the roles were reversed? One way to help is to give your partner some spending money, cash that they can use for whatever they wish and this gives a person some independence. Of course, it is more likely that you both contribute financially and jointly manage the family finances and this creates a bond in itself.

Focus on giving

There are many ways that you can give in a relationship and trying to be the best partner anyone could have, is a great attitude that we should all adopt. Be that shoulder to cry on when things don’t go their way, celebrate their victories and enjoy all the special moments that life throws our way.


Search online for a long weekend country cottage booking, bring some of your sex aids and spring an exotic surprise on your partner. The age of romance is never dead and this will do wonders for any relationship; if your partner is working hard at being a career woman and a good mother and wife, treat her like a goddess and show your appreciation of her efforts, which will boost her self-esteem.

A romantic relationship is like a flower in that it needs constant care and attention, in order to grow into a lifelong partnership and both parties need to be committed to go through the ups and downs that living together brings. Good communication is crucial to any relationship and a periodical self-assessment is a great way to ensure things are all good.

By Punit