Features of Cement Rendering for External Walls

Rendering is nothing but applying an exterior coat to your house. The main reason for rendering your house is to protect the wall from rain and weathers and to make the walls look more attractive using different rendering options. Now, out of all the rendering types and material, cement rendering is the most common one. A cement rendering is a standard render used to cover and protect the external walls. Cement rendering is a process wherein render is applied to the walls.

Cement Rendering is done on site and it is applied in two or three coats. It is one of the traditional ways of rendering the walls and other surfaces. For protecting the walls from any type of weathering and its effects. When cement dries you can paint it and can highlight the patterns or can add texture to it.

Usually, cement is done only for external walls but in case of any special interior designing need, you can also apply it internal walls and after it dries you can color the walls. Now, there are few features of cement rendering which makes it a better option when you are thinking about coating your external walls.

1. Making Your Wall Appealing:

Cement rendering gives a different kind of texture to your surface it used for. It brings an aesthetic appeal to your property and anyone who looks at a property coated with cement render will think that the property looks cultured and it will create a distinct place in the eyes of the customers. If you are having a modern house, then one should consider smoothly rendered cement.

2. Choices:

What makes cement rendering more flexible is the choices you get to apply it on the walls. Cement rendering can be painted so it makes more flexible in terms of aesthetic appeal goes. On top of that, it can be mixed with any color whether it is natural or colored, fine or rough, and smooth and textured.

3. Improves Your Property Value:

Apart from making your property more appealing, it also helps you value addition to your property. Due to its unique features, cement rendering is one of the best options to increase the valuation of your entire property. So, this feature makes cement rendering a better option than other options as it increases the value and makes your property ready for market.

Features of Cement Rendering for External Walls

4. Affordable:

Unlike any other options for renovation, cement rendering is an affordable option. It dries up fast, which makes it more convenient and quick and as a result, your daily routine doesn’t get affected. These many features make rendered cement a front-runner when it comes to renovating your property.

5. Protection of Wall:

A wall of a building is protected through cement rendering. A tight and nice job of rendering blocks all elements of nature from reaching the inner structure of the wall whether it is stone or mud or brick. No moisture can penetrate a nicely rendered wall easily. Hence, the wall will stay protected for years without fungal infestation, damps, or weathering from wind or sunlight, etc.

6. It Gives Unique Look:

Now, any other rendering or color option can’t give you the look and appeal that cement rendering gives to you. Your property will have a different look all together, thus making your property stand apart from others.