CBD Beverage Enhancers

In the industry, the CBD is really enjoying the mainstream. Also, it has gone to witness a huge amount of trends in the global platform. Due to this reason several new and exciting products are available to make it easier for people to consume this product. It is true that everyone has different kinds of wants, and Cannabidiol can fulfill the diversity in an excellent manner. 

The tincture and the oil of Cannabidiol have a severe difference that includes the taste. The tincture provides an acquired taste with earthy and bitter flavors. This normally comes from the raw hemp that is present in Cannabidiol. On the other hand, the edibles provided by CBD are really amazing and taste flavorful.  And if you want to opt for Cannabidiol recipes, then it is for sure that you can avail yourself of the CBD beverage enhancers. 

In this blog, you can further avail all the detailed information related to the Cannabidiol Beverage Enhancer. 

Why should you opt for CBD beverage Enhancers? 

CBD Beverage Enhancers

The enhancers of CBD are highly important as it holds a lot of value. Normally you cannot add the CBD oil to the drink that you are having, for that, this enhancer can work perfectly. As it is non-soluble, the oil can spoil the drinks like coffee, tea, water, and alcohol. 

Furthermore, the oil is hydrophobic in nature and CBD, which means that it will not dissolve when it gets contact with the water. This also leads to the oily layer that tastes bitter. Only fatty substances like milk can get in contact with the oils and tinctures. For instance, if you are demanding to create a smoothie with Cannabidiol or lattes, it is possible. But for water-based drinks, it can create a huge daunting situation. 

However, Nano-technology is a solution that can make Cannabidiol products water-soluble. Also, this technology provides the CBD beverage enhancer. 

The Future of Water Soluble Cannabidiol

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Nano-technology is a special type of technology that helps to make the particle small. In this process for CBD, the molecules of this are broken down to a tiny state so that the microscopic balls of fat can surround them easily. On the other hand, it further results in the liposome, the hydrophobic fatty tail that gets attached to the CBD and a hydrophobic head, which can directly dissolve in the water. This property of the Nano Cannabidiol makes it highly soluble in the water. 

What are the benefits of CBD beverage Enhancers? 

CBD Beverage Enhancers

The benefits of CBD beverage Enhancer are vastly spread in all directions. The lists of benefits are further listed below for a better understanding:

1. Highly tasty

The CBD beverages Enhancer are undoubtedly delicious and are not like the tinctures, which apparently taste earthy. Also, the people who are using the flavored Cannabidiol tinctures can feel the earthy taste. On the other hand, the beverage comes in a variety of flavors and is highly dissolvable in water. It provides a consistency of the syrup and can offer flavors like a berry. 

2. Increases Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the amount of substance that is present in your body by breaking down the molecules. The CBD enhancers are Nano in nature, which means that these are highly bioavailable. Also, the bioavailability of Cannabidiol oil is somewhat about 30%. Also, the research reports stated that tinctures contain 73%. However, nano-cannabidiol contains 94% of bioavailability.

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3. Convenient to use

Also, it can be consumed easily as it can mix with any kind of liquid substance easily. Sometimes the edibles can feel annoying as they can stick to your mouth, but with this nano Cannabidiol, there is no such tension. 

4. Highly discrete in nature

You can also carry this in your bag by adding a few drops of this in the water bottle. Several states have also allowed this.

5. Also helps to consume more water.

Water consumption is always good, and as this is needed to be consumed with water. You will have the opportunity to drink more water indeed. 


Thus, the outcome of CBD has made lives much easier and convenient in recent times. You can have this anytime and can also enjoy a high amount of therapeutic benefits. 

By Punit