buying a gaming laptop

Gaming is more embraced in today’s world. Moreover, for you to enjoy gaming you need to use the best computers. A laptop is one of the computers used for gaming. However, not all laptops are good for gaming. Some specifications require to be met by any gaming laptop. With these requirements, you will have smooth game-play.

When buying a gaming laptop, you don’t just check out specifications. You also need to consider keyboard design, display size, weight, and other features. Below is a buying guide on how to get an amazing gaming laptop to play an amazing game.

1. GPU

It’s always a good idea to consider a laptop that’s armed with At least GTX-1060. This offers sufficient horsepower in handling modern AAA-games including Control and Devil May Cry 5. Furthermore, this is affordable hence you won’t dig deeper into your pocket. On entry-level gaming, if you don’t require high settings you can choose on RX 5500M or GTX 1650.

When on mainstream gaming, you need to use Nvidia’s-GeForce-RTX-2060. This allows one to play more games with high-settings. Furthermore, it’s also regarded as the least standard in virtual reality. When on VR and highest settings, RTX 2070 will operate best. These are the powerful twenty-series-cards out there & allows for special effects and smoother VR.

2. CPU

Depending on your budget, one can purchase a laptop with a very powerful Core-i7 CPU. Furthermore, one can also get that CPU which over-clocks like Intel Core i9-9980HK. CPU handles more of game-related calculations including AI and physics. Thus, you will require a great CPU that matches your GPU. Moreover, you should also consider a CPU that has a bigger clock speed.

3. RAM and ROM

After your CPU and your GPU have sufficient power and performance, the other thing you need to consider is the RAM and ROM. RAM helps in bettering your gaming experience. Furthermore, a gaming laptop needs to have a minimum RAM of 8GB. Additionally, storage space is also an important part when it comes to gaming. Furthermore, a gaming laptop can use either SSD or HDD. These storage spaces need to have a minimum requirement of 1TB. Always ensure that your HDD has a fast speed like 7,200-rpm.

4. Keyboards and touchpads

Keyboards and touchpads are other things to check out for when purchasing a gaming laptop. Things to check out in a gaming keyboard include key travel, actuation, macro keys, anti-ghosting & n-key rollover, and backlighting. Actuation is the amount of force required to apply in a key so that one can press it down. It is normally recommended to be between 65 & 70 grams.

A suitable set of macro-keys that are programmable will enable one to complete common functions in games easily. There is normally custom software by laptop producers for this. Anti-ghosting & n-key rollover are two features that will allow you to perform at your best when it comes to gaming. Anti-ghosting is when one mash on numerous keys for combos or execute several actions. All these actions will register. Furthermore, n-key rollover means every key is free of the others & will record no matter the other keys that are being pressed.

Most of the gaming laptops offer backlighting on their keyboards. However, this is normally white or red. Other keyboards come with RGB backlighting. The lighting can be by zone and another keyboard allows customization on every key. Other keyboards allow you to do the lighting depending on the kind of game.

5. Battery life

Normally, gaming laptops need to plug when gaming. This will offer you a complete performance of the GPU. More of the gaming laptop will just last for a few hours when on battery.

6. Display

When it comes to displaying, you need to check out size, resolution, refresh rate, and others. Most gaming laptops usually have a display of 15-17 inches. Moreover, others have an 18-inch & 14-inch display. The choice of sizes depends on personal preference. However, remember that the bigger the display the heavier your laptop will be.

In a resolution, you need to have anything above the 1920*1080 display. 4K screens have a resolution of 3840*2160 and they are an option for some gaming laptops. Different monitors come with different refresh rates. Some have 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz. Remember the higher the refresh rate the smoother gaming experience you will have.

Always avoid touch screens. They are unnecessary to gaming notebooks as they kill your battery life and make your display glossy.


When purchasing a gaming laptop, always ensure that you get a laptop that will last for a long time. A choice of CPU and GPU is more important. Remember that RAM & ROM can be upgraded after some time. Always consider high resolutions and faster displays.

By syed