Amazon Return Pallets

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Shopping is one thing that can make you more happy than anything else. Most of the therapists even suggest that if you are going to something that has bothered your heart then you should go shopping. They tell you to go anxious shopping. I know it sounds funny but trust me even I have tried it and it feels amazing. But the only thing is that we need money for that.

There are so many times that we buy something and after that, we have to return it because maybe it does not suit us or it is costly or it is something that does not fit, or any other reason. So what do we do if we return that product back and as you all know there is a policy in Amazon that no question will be asked if we have a tag of that product attached to it. The only thing is that we cannot return the product if it’s used or destroyed by us. Apart from that, we can return many things.

Now, we have imagined ourselves as a consumer, let’s imagine ourselves as a seller.

Just think that you are a seller. And you already know that there is a policy in Amazon that all products can be returned without asking any questions within 30 days. So any product can be returned in 30 days and you cannot even ask a question why that is so.

What it means is that consumers who have consumed any product can or have the laboratory to return that product in 30 days. But think about it, what this means is that a significant amount has been returned but the product has been sold. According to Amazon, there is an average return rate. And the average return rate is almost 10%. Most of the product’s merchandise are facing the same issue.

What says the data?

Let’s see the data. So according to the data books and media that are being sold return about 5 to 7%. So the return rate of this category is 5 to 7%. Similarly, if we talk about products that are related to our daily use such as kitchen goods or home or decoration the return rate of these products is about 8 to 10%. If we talk about electronics then the return rate is huge. The return rate on electronic products is about 25 to 30%. If I have started talking about clothing or accessories products then the return rate of this category is about and more than 40%. So you can see how many products are returned every day.

What Amazon does is they send the product that has been written back to the seller. But this cell or return it for a fee. But just think about it as a seller. Whatever product that has been sold is returning to you and it is not economics. It does not meet any economic sense for any seller. Because whatever the product they are getting it is not something they can use again and the product that has been written is going back to the warehouse. Therefore all the return products that have been sent by Amazon are kept in Amazon’s warehouse. They do nothing but take place and they generate no value to the economy or the consumers.

As a seller

Now, think if you as a seller can buy as well as cell all these products that have been written. That would be a wonder, right? So this is what the Amazon return palette means. They’re the term for all of these products and that is Amazon’s return palette. You as a seller can make a huge amount of money if you can buy as well as resale all of these return products. Because these products are of more use to anyone and if you can make money out of them then go for it. 

Therefore in the article, we will be telling you how you can buy an Amazon return palette as well as what Amazon return pallets are. Though you must have got the idea of it, let’s get deeper into it.

What Do You Mean By Amazon Return Pallets? 

Amazon return pallets are referred to as wooden crates that the app Amazon uses to sell all the products that are returned in bulk. All the buyers of these pallets have the option to keep the products that they find useful to themselves and all the products that are refurbished or anything they do not want can select and make money out of it. 

The Amazon liquidation pallets can offer or contain a lot of different products such as products related to furniture, books electronics in many more. There can be various types of products. But the only thing is that the products that are being returned and that are in wooden crates, most of the products are defective, damaged, used, or unwanted by both the customer and the seller. 

So what Amazon does is it organizes all of these products into so many different pallets and in the end, they sell them to companies that have large liquidations or they can sell them to individual customers at the very lowest or discount prices.

So, as a buyer, all these Amazon return pallets can prove to be a profitable investment. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that all the products that you are getting, maybe you will not get them in the box or you can find broken, spare parts of items or even you can find empty boxes. So you need to take risks in order to get money out of it. And apart from that you really need to check and examine before you decide to buy any pallets. For everything you need knowledge as well as proper research only then you can make a profit. 

What Is The Cost Of Amazon Return Pallets On Average? 

After reading all of this if you are thinking that you can really buy as well as resell Amazon return pallets then you must be wondering how much that cost. What is the cost of these Amazon return pallets right? 

So to give your rough estimation all these Amazon return pallets cost between 300 dollars to 400 dollars. But it is not fixed because you can get products much cheaper as well as much cost clear as well. 

Let’s say if you are taking a pallet of electronic items then they would cost more than $1000. Whereas if you are buying pallets of some essential or needy items then they would cost between $100 to 500 dollars. 

Apart from this, you need to also keep in mind the cost that would be coming up with the shipping as well as refurbishing. Because if you are trying to resell all of this then you need to take care of such things as well. So all of this will add to your cost. 

How Can You Buy Amazon Return Pallets? 

If you are an Amazon seller then you really have knowledge of Amazon. So as a seller, you know that all the products that are being written by the customer and not vanishing into thin air. All the products that are being written by the customer do add some value. 

A liquidation program has been provided by Amazon. Here all the sellers on Amazon can resell the products written by the customer. 

All the returned items and all products can resell in the auction. There is an auction by Amazon to make space for new stock in the Amazon warehouse. This sale by Amazon usually takes place after a big sale. Or let’s say holiday sales because most of the products return after that. 

Liquidation Program

Customers buy a lot of products during festival season or sales season so when they end the return rate is also very high. Therefore with the help of this liquidation program, you can buy an Amazon return palette directly. Apart from this, you can also get help from “third-party liquidation companies”. All of these can help you get enough money and profit if you have the right knowledge.

Now the other problem that you must be facing or thinking about is where you can find these third-party companies. And how can you get in contact with those who sell Amazon pallets that are near you?

Well, you do not have to worry about that because in this article we have also enlisted some of the companies that are liquidation companies. With the help of all of these companies and by contacting them you can buy Amazon return pallets easily. 

Some Amazon liquidation companies from which you can buy Amazon return pallets are

1. Amazon Liquidation Auction (US)

Amazon collaborated in 2018 with B-stock. The collaboration’s main point was to introduce the Amazon liquidation auction. With the help of this collaboration third-party US sellers were able to bed on the return pallets. The return pallets as usual range from home goods to electronics to footwear to books and so many other kinds of products.

The only thing that a seller must do in order to participate in such an auction is to register himself with B-stock and after that all the seller needs to do is submit a certificate of a valid resale.


If you are planning to purchase the return items through Amazon liquidation then this is a cheaper source. Because this allows you to maximize your profit. Amazon liquidation allows all the sellers to buy any product in bulk and that can keep your purchase amount or cost down.

The only thing is that auctions can be really time-consuming. You need a lot of time in order to get in that zone and research all of it.

2. Direct Liquidation (US AND CANADA)

The Another Liquidation Marketplace And That Is Direct Liquidation. Amazon and Walmart target these liquidations in order to sell all the returned products but in an online auction. It is similar to what we have read before but the only thing is that all of this is online.

The most beneficial part or best part of this platform is that you can really minimize or narrow all of your searches with a particular brand as well as a particular Store. Let’s say that if you want to buy something or if you want to buy return pallets just from Amazon in the section of filter you can select Amazon or any of your specific options. 

3. (US)

Similar to the direct liquidation that we have read about, also gives you a place. Here you can sell return pallets from Amazon as well as from any other marketplace from which you have bought them. allows you to sell all kinds of products, let’s say industrial electronics, household computers, and many more.

For all the customers that are not from us, they need to pay via wire transfer. 

Is the cost of your purchase is above 5,000? Then for both US and non-US buyers there must be a wire transfer. It is mandatory.

4. BULQ (US) 

The headquarters of BULQ company is in the United States. It is also a really good liquid liquidation company. BULQ allows wellness to list all the new Amazon return pallets or any other return pilots for sale. It enrolls all of these three times a day. If you talk about price of items from here, it depends on the type of product and category of seller. Some of the products sell with the help of auctions and some products’ prices are fix.

As a seller you can easily browse this company without even logging in. If you want to purchase then all you have to do is register on this platform. You need to give the valid resale certification when you are about to make a transaction. 

The shipping cost is usually based on the weight as well as the delivery address or pallet size. Therefore, that will also add up to your overall cost. 

5. 888lots

888Lost is one of the oldest liquidation companies. It is based in the United States of America. The most important and very useful fact about this company is that you can buy products in bulk as well as products such as individual items at a really low price. As a buyer, you can also have the liberty to customize the pick as well. It is because lots of the items that you have bought.

The only thing that you have to do as a buyer is that you need to provide a valid resale certification. Because, with the help of that, it will permit you to sell all of this to the customer in the United States.

It offers more than 1 lac products that are brand new. All the pallets are of fixed price. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  1. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind before buying return Amazon pallets is that you should always compare different liquidation companies. If you are comparing many companies then you can maximize your profit as well as you can lower your costs.
  2. Secondly, you need to think before buying any pallet. Start with a relief Mall investment first. Avoid all kinds of temptation or greed.
  3. If you are making an investment for the first time then do not go or indulge in electronic items. Because all of the electronic items used before there are high chances that they will not work and in order to make them work you need to spend money. This will be your loss.
  4. If you are making an investment you need to go for very simple products. Such as items related to exercise or anything like that which is reuseable.
  5. Please take care in your head of the shipping charges. Because many of the companies will charge a lot of money for shipping. So before making payment just see how many charges they are putting on shipping. 
  6. There are some categories that you should avoid in order to minimize all of the risks. For example, if you want to not face any consequences then avoid items or products related to babies. Another example of categories that you should avoid is accessories of multiple parts. Because even if one of the items in any of the accessories is missing then the whole product is useless.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

If You Are Buying Amazon Return Pallets There Are Some Benefits That You Will Be Getting For That.


  1. One of the most important, as well as beneficial things about buying Amazon return pallets is that it is cost-effective. All of the items you will be getting at a very reasonable and discounted price. Apart from that you can start a business with the help of that. Because the investment is very low and the return can be really high if you have good knowledge of it.
  2. Secondly, since you are buying all of that at a lower price then you can resale that at a lower price. Therefore it is easily resalable. You can resell all the products that you are getting or buying.
  3. Another important benefit that you will be getting is that your margin will be very high. Therefore the profit that you will be getting from this can go really well.


Just as everything has its pros and cons similarly buying Amazon return pallets also has some cons. You should not avoid them. 

  1. There can be high chance that many of the liquidation companies will not provide you with the exact information about the product that you are about to buy. So because of that, you will be facing a lot of consequences. The items can break or damage or many other destruction can be there with them.
  2. Secondly, if you are buying an Amazon return pallet then they guarantee that all the products that you are getting are in good condition or can be refundable. Therefore your business can be affected by this.
  3. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that there are many times that people do not want to buy damaged or used products. Therefore the chances are that all the products that you are about to resale can be unsellable. And this can lead to the loss. 

To Conclude

Amazon return pallets can turn out to be a really useful thing to do. If you are new in the market and you want to make a profit then this is the best opportunity that you can grab. Some information in the article should be there in mind before investing in any of the pallets. I hope if you are starting this business or thinking of starting a business then this article would be a true one or will prove helpful for you.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that in order to start any business there should be a risk-taking factor. And there will be risk-taking factors. You do not need to worry that all you have to do is research before investing in anything. After all, we all learn from our mistakes and therefore there is nothing wrong with taking risks. If you are not feeling like taking it then there is no point in starting any business. Everything is based on prediction.

 So I hope with the help of the article you have got experience and knowledge on how and what you can do with the Amazon return pallets. All the best :).