Best Personalized Gift Ideas For Christmas 2022

Personalized Gift Ideas For Christmas

It’s this time of the year again, time to buy Christmas gifts and be creative. Don’t be desperate if there are still a bunch of gifts to buy for your loved ones, but you are out of ideas. There are many ways to be creative and we are here to present you with the best-personalized gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas. 

Personalized Gift Ideas For Christmas

Handmade Jewelry

If you’re patient enough to learn a couple of techniques, you’ll be able to make DIY earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even jewellery sets. You will need some tools for making the jewellery, such as pliers, metal rulers, wire cutters, and others. Just choose which piece of jewellery you want to make and pick out the material. For bracelets, beads are always a nice option. 

Family Christmas shirts

A gift for your closest family, such as parents and siblings, or perhaps your husband, wife, or kids. There are plenty of ideas since you just need a normal shirt that can later have something printed on it. For example, it can be your picture together or something with Christmas motifs. If you share a personal joke, you can print it on the shirt along with some snowflakes and you have your personalized Christmas shirt ready. 

Personalized pillow

Pillows are comfortable and nice as decoration as well. Everything we said about a Christmas shirt world for pillows as well. Some nice and festive colours can be red or green, but feel free to buy pillows in any colour or colours you like and have something sweet printed on. Your loved ones will love it and it will give a special touch to all your pictures together with a pile of gifts and pillows around. 

Tote bag with a monogram

This can be a nice gift for your mom or aunt, or any other person that likes shopping and could have a tote bag to carry around all the stuff. You just need to know their favourite colour, some favourite quotation, or picture and you have it. It’s a useful and nice gift and will remind that person of you every time they use it. 

Custom stubby holder

For that friend that enjoys long walks or spending time in nature, it would be good to give them something that will make them warm during their time there. Stubby holders are a great option for that since they can keep their coffee or tea warm (or cold if they like it) and enjoy their activities. A custom stubby holder is even better since you can print your photo on it, or some motivational quote for those who like sports, like running. 

Custom puzzle

A great gift for a best friend or even your romantic partner. If you do it for a friend, you can choose some crazy photo from some party or a trip, with good lighting and a lot of colours, to make it more vivid. If you’re doing it for your significant half, something more romantic can be involved. Generally, any nice picture in both cases can do the work. There are places where they can make puzzles out of the picture you give them, so what a great way to make a personalized gift. 

Personalized coffee mug

Coffee mugs are one of the most frequent gifts ever but don’t think they are a cliché. You can always come up with something new and original, such as funny phrases printed on it, some jokes only you and that person understand, or simply something nice and affectionate. The mugs themselves are so varied, from the classic ones in one colour to the ones with funny shapes and multicolours. 

Leather passport cover

Do you have a friend that likes travelling and does it frequently?  A leather passport cover is one of the perfect gifts in that case because it can be useful as well. They can store their passport inside and usually there is an additional pocket for keeping some money, personal documents, or even a phone. You can buy passport covers or order some that would have a personalized inscription or a photo. 

Personalized bookmark

For those who enjoy reading, a personalized bookmark and maybe some book that goes along with it can be a perfect gift. Bookmarks are easy to make, and there are several different ways to do them. First, you need heavy cardstock paper and some additional images to glue on the top. Measure and cut the paper, and then glue other details. Sound simple, but there are many options to be creative.

A monogrammed blanket

What is better than relaxing in your warm and cozy home, while sipping hot chocolate and watching Christmas marathon movies? Doing all this with a cozy and fluffy blanket. If you know a person that enjoys this, then you already know what a perfect gift would be. Find a nice blanket and add a monogram or any other nice phrase you would like. You can embroider it yourself if you know how, or just hire someone to do so. 

A personalized family tree

This is a great way to appreciate family ties and it would be especially nice to give it to the elderly ones, for example, your grandparents. The options are many, it can be in the form of a tree with your name on its branches or you can do it differently. A family tree can be done in an electronic version if you want to send it to several persons. It’s will be a cherished gift that can even stick for generations and be upgraded over the years. 

We have gathered these 11 creative ideas to make this year’s Christmas shopping easier for you. Some of these things can be bought and some are better to be made by you. It depends on how much time you have and whether you’re crafty. We’re sure you will find something for your friends and family. The important thing is the time and dedication you put into this and not the material gift per se. They will certainly appreciate the gesture and enjoy it.