Best Nintendo Switch Emulators

The Nintendo Switch is without a doubt one of this generation’s top handheld systems. Despite being a portable device, it competes for popularity and sales with Playstation and Xbox. However, taxes, import fees, and availability make purchasing a Switch console problematic in some parts of the world. Nintendo Switch emulator is the way to go in situations like these. You may play Nintendo Switch games on PC and Android using these emulators.

It appears that playing with a keyboard and mouse is a better option than dealing with Switch joy-con drift. How can you determine which emulator is the finest when there are so many on the internet? Don’t be concerned. The emulators listed below are some of the top Nintendo Switch emulators currently available.

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators For PC

1. Yuzu


When it comes to Nintendo Switch emulators, the Yuzu switch emulator is considered the most popular alternative. It’s accessible for both Windows and Linux, and it supports several other systems. It also offers a superb user experience, as well as high-end games and no lags.

However, because it is a relatively new name compared to the others, significant improvements can be noted. Yuzu becomes more productive and trustworthy as a result of this. It has a simple user interface that practically anyone can understand. It also comes in two different package varieties: Yuzu Canary and Yuzu Knightly. The installation process is simple, and the chances of finding flaws are slim to none.


  • Best performance
  • Free and Open source
  • Large library of games
  • Stable
  • Consistent updates


  • Hard to setup
  • Framerate issues in high-end games or low spec PC
  • Limited controller support
  • Texture and rendering inconsistencies in some games (rare)

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2. NSEmu


NSEmu is another sophisticated Nintendo switch emulator pc with a plethora of valuable features. It is free, open-source software that can be installed on Windows. It encapsulates a handful of the most intriguing features that form the best Nintendo Switch emulators list.

NSEmu is a high-definition emulator with a fluid-like performance. On the other hand, you get a completely lag-free experience, similar to what you’d receive from a console.


3. Ryujinx


The Ryujinx is arguably the next most recommended Nintendo Switch emulator after Yuzu. This is because it provides a comprehensive collection of numerous feature-rich parts. Furthermore, it has a primary and user-friendly interface that everyone can utilise. The most notable feature is that, unlike other apps, it is written in C# and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

It has a super-fast performance with no breaks, making it one of the most dependable solutions. Aside from that, the Ryujinx emulator is quite user-friendly and can run games at 60 frames per second.

The only drawback to this fantastic emulator is that it still supports commercial Nintendo Switch games. But outside of that, you’ll get a console-like experience directly on your PC.


  • Easy to setup
  • User friendly interface
  • Inbuilt resolution scaling


  • Performance lacking in some titles
  • Slow at startup for new users


4. SphiNX


You might not be familiar with a name if you’re looking for the best Nintendo Switch emulator for PC. The emulator comes with various features and choices that allow you to tailor your experience according to your needs and tastes as a user.

The emulator is creating a reputation for itself in the market with the variety of classic and popular games it offers users, and one can be confident that this emulator, which is climbing the ranks to become the best Nintendo switch emulator, will eventually emerge as one of the best available to users.


5. Cemu


Cemu is a name that is becoming more well-known as users shift to a more simplistic approach, and this emulator accomplishes its job admirably. It is one of the few emulators that provides users with a modern interface to work with.

The emulator’s simple yet modernistic vibe provides for a remarkable gaming experience, and you’ll be sure to return to it if you want a gaming experience unlike many others in the same category, making it one of the most excellent Nintendo switch emulators you’ll come across in due time.


  • Advanced features
  • Can run both WiiU and Switch Games
  • Mods
  • Graphic packs


  • Complicated setup
  • Controller configuration is complicated
  • Only some major Switch games are supporte


6. The Internet Arcade 

Internet Arcade

Yuzu’s main competitor, the Internet Arcade, is a fantastic option. It’s more of a web-based platform than a Nintendo Switch emulator. Hundreds of more arcade games from the 1970s through the 1990s, on the other hand, are available. Its vast videogame collection includes games from the Bronze Age as well. As a result, there’s a chance you’ll come across some early games with black and white screens.

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Best Nintendo Switch Emulators For Android

1. N64 Mega

N64 Mega

Mega N64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Android phones and tablets. With this fantastic choice in the bag, you may play all of the 64-bit Nintendo classic games on your Android smartphone without having to wait. It’s straightforward to set up, and once you’ve done so, you can play your games without having to do so again.

Games like Mario Kart 64, Doom 64, and Resident Evil 2 work nicely on your smartphone. Mega N64 is a far more sophisticated platform for console gaming that is free.

It also has incredible graphics, which can be enhanced depending on the device you’re using. It also allows you to modify your controls and settings. You can also take your gaming experience to the next level with a simple Bluetooth controller for your Android.

2. New NS emulator 

New NS emulator 

Another emulator that is ideal for replicating your favorite games on your Android smartphone or any other Android-powered device, the emulator supports all versions of Android, making it one of the best Nintendo Switch emulators available for Android users.

The emulator comes with several features and a variety of settings to work with, and it promises to give an experience, unlike any other emulator you’ve used before. It allows users to adjust the gameplay controls based on the game they are playing, demonstrating the user-friendly approach.

3. MonoNX


Another Nintendo Switch emulator Android, this one is noted for its poor performance and simplicity. MonoNX is a must-have app for any player who wants to play their favorite Nintendo games on their Android device.

Only two sorts of functions are available: Load ROM and Views Display. As a result, finding the ROMs of the games you want to play will require some time and effort because they are not included in the emulator.


Emulators perform an essential function. It allows you to enjoy console-style gaming on your PC or smartphone. The list above includes some of the most excellent Nintendo Switch emulators that give you a similar gaming experience.

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