The cruise service offered in India is still the least explored of all other transport facilities. But rest assured, it is one of the most interesting and wonderful methods of relaxing and enjoying, for it offers a unique combination of a floating hotel with a brilliant view at hand. In many of the port cities of India, the cruise service is gaining momentum. We have prepared a list of Best Cruises In India for you where you can go and spend holidays.

List of Best Cruises in India

Here are five of the best cruises to make your holidays delightful.

1. Angriya Cruise

India To Spend Your Holidays Perfectly

Deemed to be India’s first-ever passenger cruise vessel, the Angriya cruise is a magnificent ship to behold. Manufactured in Japan, the Angriya cruise is equipped with the country’s one of the best emergency and evacuation systems. Taking as its route from Goa to Mumbai port, the Angriya voyage offers a remarkable sight of the Konkan coast along its path. Named after the brave KanhojiAngre, the first admiral of the Maratha Navy, the Angriya cruise is a seven decked luxurious cruise with an accommodating capacity of 400 passengers.

The designing of the cruise both exterior and interior defines the luxury of the Angriya cruise ship.  Source:

Angriya cruise offers various accommodation categories such as couple rooms, family rooms, ‘buddy’ rooms, and other pods. In matters of cuisine, there are three restaurants and four bars that you can savor delicious food and beverages. Lounges, swimming pools, and spas add to the already existing charms of the travel from the Angriya cruise.

2. Costa Victoria Cruise

India To Spend Your Holidays Perfectly

Sailing from Mumbai to Cochin, Costa Victoria is a beautiful cruise with an accommodating capacity of almost 2000 passengers. To have in view the brilliant landscape of greenery which constitutes the Western Ghats and of course, the great Arabian Sea makes the voyage in this vessel all the more pleasant.

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The ship hosts a large range of facilities. Apart from having four elegant restaurants and bars, Costa Victoria cruise is also featured with a theatre, swimming pool, and disco clubs to never deprive you of entertainment. The cruise also hosts Fitness centers and sauna and steam rooms where one can relax and work towards their fitness. Costa Victoria, in this regard, is an ideal cruise for you to set sail in.

3. M.V. Kavaratti Cruise

India To Spend Your Holidays Perfectly

M.V. Kavaratti is a captivating cruise ship specially designed for tourists interested in exploring the Lakshadweep Islands. Lakshadweep, without a doubt, is one of those destinations in India which are blessed with the magnificent allure of nature. Along with enjoying an innumerable diversity of marine life and beautiful beaches, cruise travelers can also relish the brilliantly built cruise. M.V. Kavaratti ship has a robust structure and designed with international standard facilities.

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The ship includes a 100-seater dining hall, a cafeteria, gymnasium, swimming pool, recreation room, and a private helipad. The ship also consists of 100 luxurious berths and 70 first-class berths. The chefs of the cruise serve some really delicious dishes to offer the passengers a delectable lunch or dinner. 24/7 doctor and medical services are also provided on the ship.

4. M.V. Vrinda Cruise

India To Spend Your Holidays Perfectly

The Oberoi M.V Vrinda renders one of the most deluxe accommodations in the backwaters of Kerala. M.V. Vrinda cruise takes you through the largest backwaters of Kerala, the Vembanad Lake, and the backwaters of Alleppy. Passengers will meet the sight of picturesque views of the region which is inclusive of varied greenery, calm atmosphere, and soothing waves of water. From Wi-Fi to in-house restaurant services and different entertainment facilities make the stay in the ship a pleasing experience.

Source: Globes Travel

The cruise displays beautifully furnished cabins and having in them a royal bed, high-end television, and a beautiful atmosphere. Sailing in the waters of Kerala in M.V. Vrinda Cruise is going to give you the best on-board experience amidst the water.

5. Alaknanda Nordic Cruise Line

India To Spend Your Holidays Perfectly

Alaknanda Nordic Cruise Line sails along with the different banks of Varanasi in the morning and evening, offering an awe-inspiring ride for about one and a half hours. The cruise offers a splendid vista of the sunrise and the holy 84 ghats where a large number of pilgrims are seen performing various rituals and praying. In the evening, it offers a cultural opportunity to take in the magnificent sight of the Ganga Aarti that takes place at several ghats with high gusto.

Source: Times of India

Alaknanda Nordic Cruise Line is an ideal ride for you if you are planning to have a fun party on the river; with free-wifi and other digital facilities. Furthermore, packaged water, cookies, and tea/coffee are complimentary during both morning and evening rides of the cruise. One also has an option of a wide variety of snacks prepared in the deck kitchen. The Alaknanda Nordic Cruise Line even provides their services for Rudrabishek, one of the most significant traditional rituals of Varanasi which plays an important part in the Hindu culture and tradition, where a priest performs the puja with all passengers onboard most welcome to join and participate.

Do not disappoint if you do not come across one of these cruises. There are plenty of other great cruises to enjoy. The point is to live the experience of spending time in a vessel like this. Surprise your family or friends by throwing them a treat on a cruise; or better, demand one ticket for yourself.

By Punit