All work or all study makes a person dull and life becomes boring. If you are searching to spend your free time on something new and fun way, then try to visit the nearest game arcades for you to enjoy your favorite games. These are some of the enjoyable and best arcades in Singapore,

What are Arcades?

Arcades are gaming places wherein you can compete with others or lie back as you prefer. Most arcades give something new from being a hardcore player or expert gamer to the occasional player who just likes to have some fun and spend his leisure time. There is something to enjoy for everyone at an arcade.

What Makes These Arcades So Well-known?

Arcades are a special place where anyone can feel and experience as if they are like kids again. They deliver experiences that are not delivered by any type of online or offline gaming. They deliver freedom or real escape from the real or outside world like from their work, school, home responsibilities, and an opportunity to be enjoyed by someone else just for a while. The arcade renaissance is occurring now due to the affordability and accessibility of these gaming places.

Best Singapore Arcades (2022)

1. Cow Play Cow Moo

This is the best arcade in Singapore. If you like to have some fun and experience excitement with your friends and family, there’s one best location you can go to spend your money and time. Out of many arcades in Singapore, this operates as the largest family carnival arcade. Try a sentimental round of Daytona racing or space invaders with plenty of at-stake prizes for anyone to be snatched up at their giant claw machines. Its token prices start at 20 cents in different locations like Downtown East and Suntec City.

2. Fat Cat Arcade

Another massive arcade to test your gaming skills is Fat Cat Arcade. This arcade is located in 3 different outlets and you will find over a hundred thrilling arcade games and prizes await. They are also cheaper compared with other arcades, so you know you are getting your money’s worth when you splurge and win on its games. Prices of their token start at 16 cents.

3. Virtual

If you are a fan of rhythmic games, pop by for rounds of Rhythm Vaders and Jubeat that will resist you on your toes and dance to the beat. Keep an eye out for the regular tournaments it arranges and snatch the title as the gaming champion. The prices of tokens start at 50 cents with locations at Bugis and Serangoon.

4. Timezone

If you are a fan of classic games, Timezone is your best arcade game. Think mini bowling alleys, VR rides, and thrilling rounds of table hockey that will shake up your day. There are many outlets scattered around the island but for the full and fun experience, try heading down to its original flagship outlet located at VivoCity. Power cards of Timezone start at $10 and its locations are in VivoCity and Singapura.

By Punit