Fans are a necessity all around the world. You will find fans everywhere. The reasons being – affordable and effective. Now, fans are used not just for air ventilation but for enhancing the interiors as well. There have been considerable modifications in the air venting technology which lead to the discovery of tower fans. What are tower fans?

Tower fans consist of a vertical, cylindrical cabinet that encloses impellers, fan blades, and other accessories. The tower fan circulates air across the room with the assistance of venting blades. The vent blades can control the multi-directional flow of air for proper circulation. The tower fans work silently, thus, diminishing the noise associated with ceiling or pedestal fans.

Tower Fans

You have options of installing ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and tower fans. But, why should you consider installing tower fans? Here, we discuss the benefits of tower fans. While purchasing fans, consider these benefits before confirming your purchase.

1. Design

Everyone likes impeccable interiors and surroundings. If you get an opportunity to elevate the interiors of your home by purchasing a tower fan, you would definitely opt for tower fans. Tower fans feature splendid designs that captivate the attention of the onlooker.

You can purchase tower fans in designs that resonate with the interiors. The slender design looks elegant and it will complement the furniture in your room as well. With tower fans, you can accomplish two tasks – effective air circulation and interior decoration.

2. Occupies Less Space

If you think you will be wasting space by installing tower fans in the rooms, you are wrong. Tower fans occupy minimal space in the rooms. You don’t need to worry about the space while installing tower fans.

If there are congested space in your homes or workplace, tower fans will be suitable. You can tuck these between couches or chairs or you can place them in the corners. You can experience superior air circulation without compromising on the space factor.

3. Easy portability

Now, if you are moving out from the present place, unwinding ceiling fans will be a problem. But with tower fans, you don’t need to worry about portability at all. You can easily move them across different rooms or adjust them at your will, without dealing with the technicalities.

The only precaution you must adhere to is moving the fan with care. You would not like to incur monetary damage and hence, you should be careful while moving them.

4. Remote Control

Don’t leave your comfort zone to change the speed settings of the tower fan. Or schedule the operation hours before it shuts down automatically. With tower fans, you control the settings with the assistance of remote control.

5. Energy Efficient

With so many features and technicalities, you must wonder about electricity consumption. Tower fans are one of the most efficient air ventilation equipment. It might be possible that ceiling fans or pedestal fans consume more electricity units than tower fans. These stylish fans will assist in saving electricity costs by limiting electricity consumption.

6. Air Purification Features

To keep your surroundings free from harmful substances, tower fans are equipped with ionizers and air filters. The filters keep the air clean and healthy. Ionizer freshens up the air for lively surroundings.