Natural Latex Mattress

There are many options in the natural latex mattress market such as natural wool, organic wool, organic cotton, air mattresses, and blended foam. However, it’s clear that people swear by the benefits of an all-natural latex mattress.

From the high-quality, hypoallergenic material to premium comfort and durability, natural latex mattresses are an amazing bed choice to complement your lifestyle. However, many don’t even know that this breathable, natural material mattress even exists or how beneficial a natural latex mattress is.

What is Natural Latex?

Natural latex is the by-product of the rubber tree. It is made with completely organic materials. The rubber sap is harvested from the rubber tree. It is then mixed with other natural products to make foam. Natural all-latex mattresses are completely plant-based. These are not manufactured which creates an all organic natural latex mattress that’s resilient and durable. Natural latex mattresses have a GOL label and are GOTS certified that they’re truly organic. They also are Greenguard Gold certified. It means they’ve been tested by outside sources to make sure it meets the highest standards. While the price point is higher for a natural latex mattress, you’re receiving a high-quality product made in the USA, that exceeds industry standards.

Talalay Latex vs Dunlop Latex

Natural latex layers can be created into two types of latex; Talalay latex, and Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex is a synthetic latex that is created by frothing the sap in centrifuges, which is a device that separates components in the sap. From there, the sap is laid out into molds and then baked. Natural elements will go to the bottom of the base which makes it firm. Dunlop is the heavier, denser version of latex.

Natural Talalay latex is the lighter version of latex foam. Talalay latex has the same process as the Dunlop latex but is taken a step further to make it 100% organic latex. Talalay latex is run through an air extracting vacuum process. This is done so that the latex distributes evenly in the mold, instead of falling to the bottom. The material is then flash frozen. The latex is baked into natural material. This ends up creating premium latex which is the most ideal for mattresses. Comparing the two latex choices, Talalay will always be the 100% organic choice for the best latex mattress.

Now that you understand the difference between the two types of materials, we’ll touch on the top benefits of owning an organic mattress.

1. Eco-Friendly Mattress Solution

Choosing eco-friendly when it relates to the items we purchase is one of the best things you can do for your home, your health and to protect the environment. When purchasing a new mattress, choosing a green mattress should be your top priority. All-natural organic latex mattresses are not made of petrochemicals, like most mattresses. Instead, they are made of all-natural components that are biodegradable. Even when you’ve finished using the mattress, it won’t hurt the planet.

Organic latex mattresses are oeko-Tex certified. Being oeko-Tex certified means that companies who receive this approval are recognized for the socially responsible and environmentally friendly production of their products.

2. Customizable

As we mentioned before, natural latex is made into two different materials, Talalay latex, and Dunlop latex. Natural Talalay latex is like the lighter version of latex foam. It is 100% organic latex, so if you’re looking for the most natural sleep option, this is the choice for you.

Natural Dunlop latex, on the other hand, is the heavier, firmer version of latex and holds a medium-firm. This is not 100% organic latex, so it’s not the most natural choice you can make. However, you do have the option to choose this type of all-natural latex bed or combine Dunlop and Talalay to create different firmness options. However, we recommend always choosing 100% Talalay for the ultimate organic mattress experience.

3. Comfortable

To be completely comfortable at night, you need a responsive mattress surface that will help with pressure points, pressure relief, and back pain. Natural latex foam will fit your mattress needs. The top layer is quilted with an organic cotton mattress cover topper that provides an extra comfort layer to fit your desired comfort level.

Natural latex has great breathability and allows for airflow unlike other types of foams. This allows the mattress to stop heat and moisture buildup in the interior of the mattress. This will allow proper air circulation and a comfortable sleep environment.

Natural latex mattresses will conform to your body and sleep position. Whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper, this mattress will keep you completely comfortable. This is very beneficial if you or your partner move around frequently in your sleep because the movement won’t be transferred.

4. Durable

The average Natural Latex mattress will last around 25-30 years. That’s three times more than your conventional mattress. You’re getting an incredible amount of value by purchasing a natural latex mattress. 

Natural Latex is resilient, and will even outlast memory foam mattresses. You can feel confident investing in an all-natural mattress because of its manufacturer guarantee. Manufacturers of organic mattresses offer a 10-year warranty because they know the value of the product they’ve created. 

5. Safe

Conventional mattresses have a manufacturing process that includes a lot of toxic chemical emissions referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Most of these pesticides come from polyurethane used to create the mattress. Other toxins that can be found in your conventional mattress are made from the same chemicals that can be found in plastics and flame retardants. This mattress type can be harmful to your health in the long run and can cause fatigue, hyperactivity, headaches, and memory impairment. You never have to worry about that with organic mattresses.

6. Naturally Allergen Free

If you have year-round allergies, or always have a stuffy nose at nighttime, you might have allergies that are caused by your body’s reactions to proteins produced by mold and mildew. Conventional mattresses are not resistant to these types of issues.

If you have consistent allergies, turning to a natural latex mattress to help alleviate some of your problems. Organic mattresses have resistance to dust mites and mold with their breathable design. You shouldn’t have to deal with sickness because of the mattress you’re sleeping on.

There are so many benefits to purchasing an all-natural latex mattress. If you’re looking to choose a healthy, comfortable, eco-friendly mattress that is safe, durable, and allergen-free, you need to consider purchasing an all-natural latex mattress.  If you’re looking for the right organic mattress to fit your sleeping needs, Birch Living is happy to help. Check out our wide selection of all-natural latex sleeping solutions.