6 Most Common Auto Body Repair Shop Services

It is difficult to take your car to the local auto body shop for repairs and dents that happened to your car. Depending upon the location and the services provided, numerous auto body shops take complete care of your car’s external faults. Whereas some shops only deal with the denting and some take care of the paints.

It doesn’t matter if your car has been in a serious accident or you want to take care of some of the old dents. Glaser’s Collision Centers have all the technicians and the professional help that you’d need to make your car shine again in no time. It is important to pay attention to all details and take the work very seriously while working in a local auto body shop.

Following are some of the most common auto body repairs performed in the local auto body shop.

1 Repairing Dents

After getting into an accident, the car usually endures heavy loss and has huge dents in various places. If the dents are not taken care of immediately, the dents give the car a very old and rustic look. No car lover can relax and drive with a dent in their car. Therefore, it is important to get your dents fixed as soon as possible.

Depending upon the dent, it may take some time to remove the dent completely. If there is a major dent in the car, then there are chances that the technician may also have to repaint the portion of the dent. If there is a small dent, it can be taken care of in less time without compromising the original paint of the car.

2 Helping With the Insurance

When you have met with an accident, the last thing you want to bother you is the insurance procedures. All insurance-related queries and doubts can be solved by the experts working in the local auto body shop. When dealing with the insurance, if the proper details and situations are not explained properly, then the chances of getting the insurance money are drastically reduced. Therefore it is the owner’s job and the expert from the shop to explain the accident situation to the insurance person properly to get the full claim.

3 Removing the Dent without Compromising the Original Paint

Paintless dent removals are only applicable for small dents. The technician will first inspect the dent carefully and then only approach with the paintless dent removal. Removing the dent without removing the paint is less expensive than the conventional dent removal process. The tools and equipment used are also different from the normal dent removal techniques.

The advantage of getting paintless dent removal is that the original paint of the car is not compromised. The time taken compared to conventional dent removal is also less. Because the technician only needs to remove the dent, the time utilized for painting is saved.

4 Rent a Car during the Repair

If your car needs to be left at the local auto body shop for a couple of days under any circumstance leading you to commute without a car. Then the experts at Glaser’s Collision Centers can help you get a rental car for all your travels. A nominal fee needs to be paid, but your work life won’t be compromised because of the delay in getting your car repaired. It is also a nice initiative from the local auto body shop to provide a rental car till the car is repaired and delivered back to the owner.

5 You Can Get Estimates of Your Repairs For Free

If you have met with a minor accident and the car also has not endured any heavy dent or setbacks. Then you can also visit the shop for a free estimate about the costs of the repairs. This will help you get all your questions answered and a free quotation about how much the repairs will cost you. Getting a free estimate about the repairs will give you time to save money for the repairs. Since the repairs that need to be done are also not major, you can take some time off before getting the car repaired.

6 Getting Your Vehicle Towed

It can be difficult for you to drive your vehicle after an accident. In such situations, the local auto body shop can help you by providing towing services to deliver your car safely to the local auto body shop. Driving your car after an accident can be a bit overwhelming, and no one in their right mind can drive the car after a major accident. It is therefore suggested to call the towing service and get your car towed immediately.

To Conclude

Glaser’s Collision Centers provides the services mentioned above with expert solutions for all the auto body shop needs.

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