If you’re a TikTok user, then the trend ‘art of the zoo’ has been stoning up your feed time and again. But what’s it? The latest trend to travel viral on the platform involves participants Googling ‘art of the zoo,’, filming their reaction after they see this phrase pop in search results – oftentimes humorously or weirdly so. People are posting videos saying “don’t find art in the zoo” and filming their reactions after looking it up.

Why are people shocked? Why are people searching for it on Google? What does the art of zoo’s mean? We must warn you that the meaning of his viral trend will leave you disturbed.

What Is The Art Of The Zoo?

Art of the Zoo on TikTok dares you to look at “art of zoo” on Google and film your reaction to what you see. IT makes it into a TikTok video using the sound samples of music. Everyone’s reaction was utter disgust, confusion, and horror! So before you head on over to Google and sort in this search. It’s good to understand what your future holds.

No, it doesn’t mean anything within the creative realm of the humanities. Neither is it a visit to your local wildlife park. But something else. The terms “art of the zoo” or “art of zoo” are another coded keyword for “bestiality.” After you Google ‘art of the zoo’ you’ll be met with photos of humans having sex with animals – formally called bestiality. Yes, you heard that right. Bestiality. Now the TikTok reactions make an entire lot more sense!

Although it should seem strange to need to horrify yourself or someone around you by introducing them to “art of the zoo,” a part of the appeal of the videos is knowing how exaggerated the responses are going to be. It isn’t often you get to work out a real reaction to something truly shocking, and a part of the appeal of the “art of the zoo” trend is that the severe reactions within the videos.

This trend went viral within the early summer of 2021 and other people are still trying to find it and reacting in disgust to the current day. Many would hope this might are a fly-by-night viral trend but there are many users on TikTok and that they eventually find themselves at the shocking end of the social media network after endless swiping up.

‘Art of the Zoo’ Meaning Explored Casually

In the summer session of 2018 a trend was started by two young girls who were simply curious. They wondered what people might say if they asked them to appear for “the art of zoo” and film their reactions.

As it seems, many are so tempted that before looking anything abreast of Google or YouTube, all you see is the question: ‘What would happen? What could I find? Will this be fun or simply plain madness!’ However some don’t seem to be even sure why anyone should care about an abstract concept like “art.”

There’s a reason why people react in different ways to the “Art of the Zoo” on TikTok. If you Google look for “art of zoo,” disturbing images will appear in your results. This can be what makes some users uncomfortable after they watch it.

The reactions of TikTok users to ‘Art of the Zoo’

A new trend on TikTok is causing a mixture of reactions. Some people are shocked and scared while others seem to enjoy what they see within the video comments. If you’re undecided about it, just bear in mind that there’s some potentially disturbing content ahead!

One user commented: “Why is y’all laughing? It’s literally animal abuse.”

Another wrote: “Why are people laughing at this? I just read the comments and from what I see it’s something extremely tousled. It should not be on TikTok.”

By Punit