What is M4uHD and Top 11 Free Alternative Streaming Sites of M4uHD 

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Streaming sites of M4uHD 

Do you love watching movies online on live streaming or want to download them on your local device? M4uhd comes in for rescue as one of the best online streaming website to watch latest movies, web series, TV shows and many more at absolutely free.

There was a time when you had to observe newly released movies in movie theaters or anticipate official DVDs (or even pirated) to come back out and watch them on a DVD player or computer. Things have changed with time now. You’ll be able to watch newly released movies or episodes of TV shows within hours of the official release on sites like M4uHD.

Streaming isn’t a giant deal nowadays. With the widespread availability of high-speed internet connections and therefore the rise of smartphones, you’ll be able to easily stream movies rather than waiting to download the movie or episode of a broadcast.

What is M4uHD?

M4uHD is also referred with different names like m4ufree, m4youHD, movies4u, and many more. It is a platform that permits unlimited free streaming of flicks and television, showing both old and latest videos. It’s one of the foremost popular sites amongst the youth trying to find free movies and television shows from various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar and more. The website can be accessed by browsing the m4uhd com, but there are multiple mirror websites also running on the web today claiming to be m4uhd movies.

M4uhd com is a pirated content website that uploads all of its movies as torrents. A bunch of people from unknown locations manage the website and update it regularly with latest content. Users can choose between a range of movie groups and effortlessly import their favorite films. The user must first visit the online by providing the correct name so as to stream movies from the website. Following that, the users are in a position to download their preferred films.

M4uhd Movies showcases new HD movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian cinema that are pirated weekly. They are available as soon as they’re published on their website. Thanks to the increasing popularity of TV episodes and web series on TV channels and online video sites, illegal downloads are now available on the M4uhd net. As a result, the location received an influx of latest clients, and also the size of the website began to grow. When the site’s owners continued to update it on an everyday basis, new users continued to flock to that, and also the area flourished.

M4uhd’s URLs

The website keeps changing domain names because it’s constantly being blocked by the government for publishing piracy content online. As previously indicated, such websites don’t seem to be permitted by the government. We’ve mentioned some of its active URLs, let’s have a look at them:

  • M4uhd.tv
  • www.m4uhd.com
  • M4uhd.net
  • M4uhd movies
  • App M4uhd
  • m4uhd.com
  • m4u.hd

What is the simplest way to watch movies from M4uHD?

The Indian government has blocked most domains of m4uhd since it’s an illegal website, but it’s resurrected under a brand new identity. You can utilize a VPN to access its Free Download page. Follow the steps below to watch a movie without facing issues:

  • To begin, confirm your device is connected to the web via VPN.
  • Type M4uHD VIP Domain into your browser, to find it.
  • Tap on the active Link to open M4uHD VIP.
  • Its website includes a lot of various categories.
  • Select your favorite movie from the list of possibilities.

Now, using the provided download URL, select the suitable download button for the required quality. Allow a period of your time to pass. M4uHD.Lite will download your movie swiftly.

Free Alternative Streaming Sites of M4uHD

Well, M4uHD is no doubt one of the best online streaming website to watch and download free movies and web series. But, are you still looking for some alternate streaming website that are free and work like M4uHD. Find the list below t find top 11 Free Alternative Streaming Sites of M4uHD.

1. ThopTV

Thoptv is a web movie streaming service that enables users to look at and download movies free. However, these sites are unlawful since they’re essentially distributing the movie without authorization. You’ll download all of the most well-liked Bollywood movies, TV episodes, and music from this website.

2. Putlocker

A very well-known name within the world of free streaming. If websites can be called a classic, then Putlocker is a website name that must be called one. Putlocker introduced internet users to the concept of watching free movies and television shows online. However, the website, despite attracting uncountable users day after day blocks thanks to the illegal distribution of films and shows.

One of the most effective ways to stay ineffective to the blocks and also to stay yourself safe browse the website through a VPN.

3. Crackle

Crackle is an amazing streaming service that has been around since 2004. If you haven’t heard of Crackle, it has changed its name several times over the years. It launched originally under the name Grouper until it changed its name to Crackle in 2007, a year after Sony Pictures had purchased it. In 2018, Sony decided to rebrand the streaming platform as Sony Crackle. Nowadays, under new ownership by soup for Soul Entertainment, it’s another time been rebranded and is now simply Crackle. The streaming service currently offers a solid type of classic movies and tv shows, together with new releases. It also offers an increasing number of titles exclusive to Crackle. better of all, it liberate to stream.

4. Fzmovies

Fzmovies is a website that permits you to look at and download movies free without having to pay anything. However, because these websites are active in flick piracy, therefore they’re unlawful and are breaking the law.

5. GoMoviesHD

The name within the list of the best similar websites like M4uHDtv is GoMoviesHD. GoMoviesHD, once referred to as GoMovies, has changed its name to beat the constant blocks. Changing names doesn’t seem to be uncommon for illegal websites like this.

This is a large reason that they’re capable of uploading the most recent movies from any country within per week of their release. Despite this being the most attraction, one must give attention to the security of their device.

6. Cineb

Cineb is a free streaming service that gives access to the foremost recent high-definition movies and tv series available on the net. Because it features the UI of a streaming program, navigation is additionally straightforward. For people who value more highly to watch movies using applications, this streaming service is going to be quite easy. Cineb is an unlawful website since it’s a piracy website, and as a result, it doesn’t work in many countries. As a result, we recommend that you simply use it with a VPN connection found.

7. TubiTV

Tubi is a streaming service that is totally free. Granted, that isn’t a wholly new concept, but the fast-growing company offers up a mix of on-demand movies and television shows, originals, and live TV streaming channels without you having to distribute for a monthly subscription. Since Tubi is free, you’re visiting must make some compromises, though. First and foremost, there are ads. They aren’t overwhelming, but they’re there. Second, the on-demand content is usually older movies and shows rerun on cable and other broadcast services. However, while Tubi has yet to provide any of its own original content, the streamer features a ton of it made for them, which may be available in their relatively-new Tubi Originals section.

8. IMDb TV

IMDb is the world’s most well-liked and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. Explore popular movies and television shows, entertainment news, and also the latest awards and events. Track what you wish to observe using your Watchlist, and rate movies and shows you’ve seen. Watch videos including behind-the-scenes clips, exclusive IMDb Originals, trailers, and more. Get showtimes near you, buy tickets, and browse critic and user reviews.

9. Vudu

Vudu is a platform that delivers free and paid content without a monthly fee. Users simply rent movies and television shows for twenty-four hours or outright buy content they’ll watch at any time, on any device. A free content may be a plus, too, if you don’t mind commercials. It is an ad-supported, on-demand streaming service that doesn’t require a subscription. This lets cord-cutters watch full-length movies and shows, and plenty of Vudu titles are unengaged to watch (albeit with ads). It absolutely was acquired by Walmart in 2010. In April 2020, Fandango announced plans to amass the service.

10. Movies123

Movies 123 or 123 Movies, both the names are on the identical website. Another popular name for browsing free movies and television shows, this one deserved an area within the list of the most effective alternatives for M4uHD.

With a straightforward and understandable computer program, the house page of Movies123 clearly states the presence of no signup and no hidden fees through the website. Only free unlimited access to an exhaustible list of films and television shows. And what’s best? It’s the gathering of regional content on the website.

11. Yify

Although one of the simplest alternatives of M4uHD gives free streaming of the most recent and not-so-latest movie and television shows on the website. The one thing that actually sets Yifi other from the others within the list is the download button.

Yes, users, together with streaming free, can even download their favorite episodes and films free on their devices. Also, most of the TV shows and flicks on Yifi are available with subtitles. You don’t need to pay anything or register on the website to download the subtitles in English.


While the list of Best Similar Websites like M4uHD is full with free websites, it also consists of names mostly illegal and unsafe to go to. Thus, it’s highly recommended to use VPN to browse these websites together with a lively anti-virus to guard your data against getting stolen by the malware on these websites