Adventure Summers With Family Groups

Adventure Summers
Adventure Summers

The outdoors has a lot to offer about the outdoors, but planning a trip for adventure with a family can be a bit of a challenge. Families tend to need far more static resources such as lodging, food, rest, groceries, supplies, and similar. The “hoofing-it” mentality doesn’t work so well with little kids, older relatives, or a combined family group of different ages and abilities. Fortunately, there are very viable multi-generational solutions available.

Snowy, hilly states are stuffed with tons of adventure features to take advantage of. Whether it’s rafting, hiking, off-road driving, camping, or similar, there’s something for everyone in the area. This is where outdoor adventures come in; various programs allow families to enjoy different features that suit them and their group, which can be coordinated out of one resource point. So, instead of trying to be an ad hoc travel guide for your entire family, just coming to a specialized program puts the menu of choices right at your fingertip.

Not ready for a major trekking day? That’s okay. Instead, you could enjoy a scenic Jeep ride around the greater area, you could borrow a UTV rental and do a bit of trail riding yourself, the kids could get soaked with some wake surfing, and there’s plenty of immediate thrills for the kids as well such as zip-lining and go-kart driving. 


One of the big, highly recommended features of the waters involves white-water rafting. If your family group is older and everyone is capable of swimming and willing to wear a life jacket, then this might be the day adventure for you. Rafting puts you right in the middle of the river with rapids rafting and a lot of excitement in an inflatable boat. Even experienced rafters are going to enjoy themselves, as the experience puts the group through rapids that are far more active than the typical basic trip. Bottom line, you’re going to get wet with a big smile on your face. 

Jeep Driving and Riding

Another big feature for folks who want to see the sites are the Jeep Tours. Many adventure programs keep a solid stable of off-road Jeeps for groups to experience and really feel the outdoors of the region first-hand. Being in vehicles, the trips cover far more ground, and folks get to experience first-hand the wilderness their destination state. Trips go through canyons and up mountain passes, with a significant variation in scenery most folks are going to enjoy, especially if not from around the greater Midwest and Southwest states. 

And who says you only have to pick one adventure for the day? Lots of families do combos or a mix of stuff, depending on how their group feels throughout the trip. The flexibility is huge and works perfectly for families of all sizes and ages.