Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a way of repairing your pipeline without digging up your lawn. It uses epoxy resin to cover the walls of the damaged pipelines, creating a new, more reliable pipeline in the process.

The process requires modern technology such as robotic cutters, closed-circuit cameras, and forced electron leak location equipment. However, this method is way easier than digging up the ground and placing a whole new pipeline.

Below are some of the advantages of choosing pipe relining as a repair option.

1. It saves your landscape

Digging up the ground to repair the pipeline may cause significant damage to your lawn; this is much more painful if you have spent a lot of money to have a beautiful landscape over your pipeline.

Moreover, it could destroy a lot of your plants that took many years to grow to bind the land. The process will also permanently remove all the ground covering materials. Replacing these coverings may take years, if not months, and all of these processes will cause you additional expenses.

On the other hand, relining your pipes means minimal to no digging will be done on your lawn. Your property will remain untouched while your pipe becomes as good as new or even better than having a new set of pipelines.

2. It is safer

Digging up the ground poses a risk to those who are living in the property. This is especially true if the building has many occupants, such as an apartment building. Holes, trenches, and debris could become accident spots. The elderly, children, and pets are vulnerable to accidents.

Relining your pipe is a way safer option as you don’t have to worry about the problems mentioned above.

3. It is cheaper and adds value to your home

A well-designed drainage system could increase the resale value of your home. The quality of pipeline relining is as good (and sometimes even better) as installing a new pipeline, relining your pipeline is the better choice. It costs less when compared to digging, as you don’t have to spend extra cash on repairing your landscape and ground coverings.

4. It is more durable

The resin pipe makes the piping system more durable as it could give you two pipes in one plumbing unit. Moreover, it will eliminate the joints and the weaker points of your plumbing system.

5. Its method is faster

Compared to the old “dig and replace” pipeline repair method, pipe relining offers a faster process. Relining would also allow the plumber to work on hard-to-reach areas in a much quicker, easier, and safer manner. It would also make your living environment go back to normal much faster.

The length of the relining process is just a fraction of the time required for installing new pipelines.

6. It offers a long-term solution

Resin lining, after its curing, is going to be harder than the original pipeline. Pipeline relining comes with 35 years of installation guarantee with 50 years of life expectancy. You can have your pipelines repaired and then forget about it afterwards!

The pipeline is one of the essential parts of the house as the water flows in it. You always have to make sure that it doesn’t have any leaks, and the water flows freely within. The pipeline relining method will make sure that your pipelines will work as it should and alleviate the problems caused by the old process of pipeline repairing.

By Punit