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IB DP or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Economics can be tough for students. Though, the right guidance and support, will help in gaining success within the reach. Nowadays, online education tech platforms have become an increasingly popular option for students seeking personalized assistance during their academic journey. Getting an online tutor will optimize your learning according to your skills. In this article, we’ve mentioned seven valuable tips that can help students excel in IBDP Economics with the help of an online tutor. So, let’s get a glimpse of it –

7 Study Tips for Acing in IB DP Economic Exam with an online tutor:

1. Access all the IB DP Economic Study Material:

The online economic tutor provides students the facility to be exposed to more learning resources and materials. A renowned and professional IB Economic online tutor is well-versed in the curriculum which makes them provide sorted learning resources and all you have to do is to practice the sample papers or mock papers. Your notions may be strengthened overall with the help of the extra resources you obtain offline.

2. Clear your doubts online:

Having an online economy tutor by your side will provide complete assistance on call for questions and doubts. This is extremely convenient for students who are shy to ask questions in class. Additionally, if you have a tutor, you can quickly get assistance by joining them for your regularly scheduled session. In contrast, professors may have enough time to address every student’s question. The faster you clear your doubts, the faster you move ahead and onto the next chapter in the syllabus. It helps students to stay on track and build a strong understanding and foundation of the concept before moving to the next chapter.

3. Get study tips from your tutor:

A knowledgeable IB Economics coach will be familiar with the precise strategies that the examiners are seeking in your IB exams. They know what the examiners look for, how the exam will be formatted, and how the questions will be asked. They can tell you the breakdown of complex topics into smaller and manageable parts or how to utilize resources and interactive IBDP Economic Mock Questions for exam preparations. Practice past papers provided by the online tutor to get familiarized with the exam format and marking scheme.

4. Schedule sessions when the exams are knocking on the door:

As the exams approach, many students look for additional practice or start getting into revision or catching up with the syllabus. Though, students with personal tutors do not have to worry about looking for extra practice or worry about their revision. Since they have their collection of practice papers for pupils, they may help them thoroughly review the subject. Students won’t have to stress over where to start their revision or reconsider doing more practice with this method.

5. Analyze and close the knowledge gaps:

The economic syllabus in any curriculum structures the same, to move on to the next chapter. So you must have strong knowledge of the first one. Many economic concepts build on previously learned knowledge. Therefore, any knowledge gaps would be to prevent hindrances. Students should discuss everything with their tutors to cover their weak areas. Coping up your weaknesses can help you tackle everything properly under the guidance of an experienced online tutor.

6. Build a strong foundation base of different concepts:

With a personal economic tutor, students can build a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of Economics. This corresponds to establishing a strong foundation in economic concepts. These ideas form the cornerstone of achieving excellent marks on the IB DP Exam. The chapters rely heavily on the next chapters that help in clearing your concepts, hence laying the groundwork well for your economy to go a long way toward your academic success.

7. Participate actively in learning:

To get the most out of your tuition sessions with your IB Economic online tutor, you should always participate in activities and seek different ways of learning. For instance, rather than simply knowing how to answer a question, you should constantly make sure that you grasp the proper approach. Request your tutor to check your learning powers and help you bridge a proper understanding of any concept.

How to find the best IBDP economic online tutor for your exams?

There are plenty of possibilities for excellence and experienced IB tutors online, though finding the one that suits you.

  1. Get recommendations from other parents or family members. They can undoubtedly aid in helping you reduce your options and start somewhere.
  2. Ask questions freely to your tutor about their experience and qualifications and even their teaching plan for you. There’s nothing wrong with ensuring you are getting quality learning online.
  3. Connect to the experts by taking trial video sessions which can help you to have an idea of what their lessons and teaching style are. This will help you verify if their teaching style and method will suit your learning needs.


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