Accessory Dwelling Unit On Property

Are you thinking to add some extra living space to your property? Looking for extra space for your family? Or Thinking of renting out that living space for more income? Whatever your intentions are, an accessory dwelling unit might be the perfect option for your all intentions. There are some crises of affordability in some areas, across the world. This means that the rate of building houses is lagging behind the needs. As a result, the rate of existing houses is continuously increasing.

ADUs is getting more popular day by day. It refers to secondary living space on a property. Other ADU names include granny flats, backyard cottages, or mother-in-law suites. Some ADUs are separate homes with complete kitchens, fully-functional, living areas, and bathrooms. While some are linked to the current house. Such units only have kitchenettes, sleeping spaces, and bathrooms. Moreover, these places provide more functionality as well as lifelong resale value.

Benefits of Building ADU

There are many benefits of building an ADU in your property. For one, if you’ve got a family, you can use that space to shelter your adult children. Thus offering them separate and private living space. Also, if a senior member can use that space. You can also use an ADU as your dedicated workplace. Most people are working from home, with the increasing popularity of remote jobs. Another benefit of it, you can use it to earn an extra income. Moreover, by renting it out to tenants.

If you’re thinking of constructing an ADU, it’s good to hire professionals. They’ll greatly help you to handle your work from the planning to completion. Architects usually deal with big project aspects. This includes things like compliance with rules & regulations, material usage, and engineering. Interior designers deal with décor aspects like accessories, furniture, finishes, and appliances.

Why should you build An Accessory Dwelling Unit On Your Property?

Building an ADU on your property has some benefits, Some of the main ones include;

1. Increase property value and potential Resale 

The amount of money that you’ll spend to build an accessory dwelling unit comparable to the value-added to a property.

2. Affordable housing for you

In most areas, the cost of living is very high. Thus, having extra space on the property is a great option to house your children. Especially while they’re getting on their feet or still in college. This will give your children some independence and also help you to save money.

3. Rental Income

It will help you to make a supplemental source of income by renting it out. The short term/ long term income will help to cover all the extra expenses.

4. Great Guest Accommodations

Having extra space outside of your house is good for accommodation. This gives privacy to both the guests and the homeowners also. Moreover, if you’ve elderly parents or grandparents, they can live in the ADU. This is a better option than taking them to an old-age home.

5. Office space for work from home   

If you’re working from home, a peaceful place can enhance productivity and focus. For instance, you can use it as an office, workshop, or art studio. This will also give you some peaceful space where you can meet with your friends and clients.

By Punit