Child’s Bento Lunchbox 

Packing a lunch box is essential for your child when going to school. There are various options for lunchboxes but those from Bento make a wonderful option. These are easier for the little fingers to open on their own. Additionally, Bento lunch boxes have leakproof compartments and might not need a special carry bag. These lunch boxes have food trays that snap out and dishwasher-safe making cleaning easier. A Bento lunch box has compartments for parking kid-size portions. 

1. Food picks

These are ideal for soft vegetables and fruit. However, ensure to place these high up in the food so your child is away that it is there. Food picks are better for elementary-aged kids compared to younger preschoolers. These accessories are available in various designs including cute animal shapes and letters of the alphabet with a fork bottom for picking up pieces of vegetables. Adding food picks in your child’s Bento lunch box adds a bit of excitement. 

2. Spice containers

Packing cucumbers, hardboiled eggs, and tomatoes for your little one require having some salt handy. Additionally, you need to pack some cinnamon for sprinkling on yoghurt and apples. The spice containers come in handy to keep some salt. These containers also come in handy to pack some mustard or ketchup. You can also use the spice containers to pack some soy sauce and salad dressing. 

3. Cutters

A reputable online store is your ideal destination when looking for a Bento lunch box. Ensure to invest in some accessories including stainless steel cutter. These enhance the cuteness of your child’s lunch. The cutters easily cut out cheese, vegetables, and bread into cute little clouds, flowers, or birds. These cutters come in different shapes and size including stars, hearts, and circles. 

4. Soy sauce bottles

These are about ½ inches tall for storing soy sauce and other liquids. Look for sauce bottles that come with a white suction. This makes filling up the container easier and much quicker. Keep in mind that sauce bottles are ideal for thin liquids. The bottles come with a thin nozzle making thicker liquids including salad dressings harder to go through. 

5. Squooshi pouches

Working like sauce bottles, squoosh pouches are for packing smoothies and applesauce. You can get adorable opaque bags in animal print. This is ideal when your child loves green smithies but hates teasing from other kids for the taste. Filling the squoosh pouches might require using a funnel. This protects you from ending up messy after filling. The funnel also eliminates the chances of wastage. 

6. Silicone cups

These make wonderful dividers in the large Bento lunchbox compartments. You can fill the paper baking and silicone cups with fruit, crackers, and sausage pieces. Additionally, you can also use these cups for making frozen yoghurt cups. This requires filling halfway with your child’s choice of yoghurt topped with fresh fruit and kept in the freezer overnight. When lunchtime comes, your child will find the cup thawed enough to enjoy a nice frozen treat. 

7. Press

This comes in handy to surprise your child with hard-boiled eggs molded into monkeys and pandas. Invest in a press set that comes with videos on how to use it. You can mold the egg when hot after peeling. Ensure to have enough time since working on an egg takes quite some time. Keep other eggs in hot water slowly simmering on a stove. 

8. bamboo skewers

These are great when making fruit skewers, kebabs, and Caprese salad skewers. You can also use bamboo skewers when preparing other sandwich-less lunch for your child. Ensure to search around for the 6-inch bamboo skewers that fit nicely in the Bento lunch box. These are affordable, easily available, and disposable with easy cleanup. 

9. Lunch mail

Including lunch mail cards is a wonderful way to make your child enjoy their lunchtime treats. Invest in cards with a front pop open tab with an inspirational quote. This can be advice or saying to build a child’s good manners, confidence, and self-esteem. The ideal lunch mail cards should have space at the back for writing your own notes. 

10. Keeping your Bento accessories at home

These accessories are usually tiny and might easily get lost when [laced in the kitchen gadget drawer. Therefore, invest in a desk organizer set to make a Bento accessories drawer. This will keep all your accessories handy when you need them to pack your child’s lunch box. Careful planning will make the process easier for you. 


A Bento lunch box is a handy accessory to pack lunch for your child. This is a favorite for being easy to open by the child. It also offers enough compartments for packing various kid-sized food portions. To enhance your child’s lunch experience, ensure to include accessories like food picks and sauce containers. Accessories like silicone cups and cutters make the lunch more pleasing to the eye. 

By kamlesh