7 Tips to Make Your Gmail Speed Up

Gmail Speed Up

An email that is functioning at a very slow speed is seriously frustrating. When you log in to your email account and find that it is taking a lot of time to load the page; or once you click on a particular mail in the inbox, the mail is taking time too much time to load or if you feel irritating to download attachments because of the speed; then it is high time that you should take proper steps to solve this issue.

Email tends to slow down if there are more than required emails in the inbox. For instance, if your inbox has more than 10, 000 emails in the inbox or if you are using a slow speed internet connection, then the speed of the email will obviously slow down. Moreover, if the email settings are not set up properly or if your system has been attached to a virus, then the email tends to slow down.

Tips to speed up email

Below mentioned are some of the tips that would help your email to speed up:

  • First of all, if you are using a wireless connection, it is better to move to a wired connection as this offers better speed. If the internet speed increases, the speed of the email will increase gradually.
  • If your email account comprises of themes with graphics, the mail may take a lot of time to load; so it is suggested to opt for the default theme with no graphics to enjoy a faster email connection.
  • By default, once you log in to your email account you see 50 email messages on one page; if you are using the Gmail account, you have the option to reduce it 25 conversations per page. You can consult with the Gmail customer service number if you are not able to decrease the option to 25 mails.
  • In order to make your email account work faster, you can use filters to delete, sort, archive, forward, or star emails. Filters can help you in saving a lot of time. On the other hand, using too many labels can drastically slow down your email speed.
  • When attaching the files, if they are too large, split them into smaller ones and then try to attach. Smaller files can be attached quickly; thus helping the email to speed up.
  • If you email offers the chat option, switch off the chat option as this unnecessarily makes the email slower.
  • Change the settings of the email account in such a way that the unread emails are on the top which the read ones are at the bottom of the page. This will prevent the email used to go on searching for emails that have not been read yet.

 The technicians at Gmail customer service number recommend that if your internet connection is too slow and cannot help your email account to run faster, then you can opt for the basic Html version or the standard basic mode of Gmail.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips in order to speed up your email account.