7 Things You’ll Love About A Dubai Christmas

It is not too late to choose a destination for the festive season. Although it is not snow strewn, Dubai is a wonderful destination for the festive season. There are loads of fun awaiting the whole family won’t make you miss the traditions back home such as snow stuffing. Here are things you’ll love about going against your norms and spending the Christmas holiday in Dubai.

Have a sunny Christmas

Christmas back home is filled with snow. You are obviously used to spending the festive season holed up at home wearing snowflake long Johns. The images of praying that the magical log fire gives you enough warmth usually come up when you hear about Christmas. Fortunately, spending the festive season in Dubai is a sunny experience. Expect blue skies, cotton wool clouds, and perfect weather for the beach with average highs at 26 degrees centigrade and lows at 17 degrees centigrade. This is perfect for eating outdoors.

You can still have a white Christmas

If you can’t do without snow on Christmas, you can as well have it in Dubai. Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski area in the Middle East is available to give you a white festive experience. Here, ambient temperatures at -5 degrees centigrade with an alpine theme resort with real snow. Five slopes are available for skiers and snowboarders including toboggan rides and an opportunity to meet some penguins. Imagine your festive season including spending the mornings on the slopes while looking forward to afternoons at the beach. This is the only place where to enjoy the best of both worlds.

There is turkey

You can enjoy the Christmas season in Dubai without missing turkey. This is readily available by the bucket load in supermarkets if you prefer doing the cooking. There are various takeaway turkeys in the city for ordering from your home. Booking Dubai Airport fast track service  will make you avoid worrying about spending too much time at the airport.

Various restaurants, cafes, and five-star hotels across the city offer takeaway birds including lamb leg, rib eyes in kilos. You can as well purchase some vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy, and roasties to prepare delicious meals for the whole family. Keep in mind that the price of items depends on where you buy them. In addition, you will have to pick your items from various places that don’t offer delivery service.

Winter wonderland

For those who prefer more snow, you can visit the winter wonderland in Madinat Jumeirah. This transforms into a German-style Christian market with features including:

  • North Pole train ride
  • Giant snowball zone
  • Daily appearances by Santa

There is a Global Village with various countries showcasing in 30 pavilions. Although not a season attraction, this village offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy immense shopping, cultural shows from various countries, and tasting various festive foods from across the world.

No missing Christmas mass

The UAE is a Muslim nation but very tolerant to other religions. During the festive season, services are available for people from different religions at various churches across the city. You can attend Christmas mass at St. Mary’s in Oud Metha. This is the largest church in the city. When living at the southern end of the city, you can attend mass at St. Francis.

Round the clock shopping

For those who enjoy doing Christmas shopping at the last minute, Dubai won’t disappoint. The various huge shopping centers here including the Mall of the Emirates offer a range of items. You will easily find everything you need in a single location. This will save you from joining long queues and stores having limited stock. Extended shopping in Dubai is possible until late in the night to enhance the Christmas shopping experience of the various people from across the world.

Various festive events

 Dubai has more sand than snow but with plenty of locations where to sit and soak up the festive atmosphere. Here, you will get access to mince pies and traditional mulled wine as you listen to the beautiful voices of carolers. Despite being a Muslim country, there are various festive preparations throughout the month. Look forward to the huge Christmas tree with beautiful lights  at various venues across the city. Look forward to the world’s largest fireworks display on New Year’s Eve at the Burj Khalifa.

Wrapping up

Spending Christmas in Dubai is a wonderful idea for the whole family. Look forward to activities like a candy cane at the winter wonderland, sliding down slopes, and spending time at the beach. Dubai can never get boring with its various illuminated landmarks and attractions. Dubai international airport is obviously buzzing with other travelers during this period but booking airport fast track service will save you the hassle. This will see you go through the airport procedures in a jiffy.