6 Reason to Have A Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a Home

buying a home

Finding a dream home can be tough luck, but it is even tougher to maintain it. That’s why, before you make a down payment, you must run a plumbing inspection on the house you want to buy. It is important that buyers check in all the superficial things in detail.

If you want to know the potential future house’s state, you have to go beneath the surface. Of course, electrical and heating systems should be at the top of your list. However, plumbing must get the number one priority when it comes to inspection, as plumbing can be the hardest to fix.

It won’t be a bad idea to call for a sewer camera inspection beforehand. If you are still reluctant about plumbing inspection of the house you are yet to buy, think again. Here are few reasons that will surely change your mind for the better:

Check Your Water Heater

Does the water heater in the housework perfectly well? It will become a serious problem if it doesn’t offer hot water during the cold months. Before you go to your office, you won’t have time to boil water for your bath. So, you would have to shower and do everyday toilet works with icy-cold water.

However, if you let a plumber inspect what’s the issue before buying the home, you can avoid the situation. Also, ensure that the water heater is not too old; otherwise, it won’t work well. If the water heater doesn’t work, you will have to purchase and install a new water heater. To know more about it, try this website.

Root-Free Sewage System

Running a sewer camera inspection before buying your property is a clever idea. In case you are eyeing an old house in an old neighborhood, there can be larger trees. Now when there are big trees around or on the property, the tree roots can go inside the sewer in search of water.

Unless you run the sewer camera inspection on the property, you won’t know about tree infestation. That’s why professional plumbers use a video camera to inspect the sewer system and notify you about the situation. You shouldn’t delay the sewer inspection until you buy the house.

Inspect The Toilets

Have you faced a serious embarrassment like using the toilet at someone else’s, and it stopped working immediately? If yes, then you know the worry is real, and you would want to inspect the toilet’s plumbing. So, you must invest in plumbing inspection.

Who would want to move into their new home and find out that there are some toilet problems? You have to make sure that your toilets are in a good working state. If you know about the existence of the problem, you can fix it. It may not be too expensive at all.

Quality Of Water

Is the water at the house safe for drinking? You may drink filtered water or prefer bottled water for drinking, but you will do other tasks with running water. You wouldn’t want to wash your clothes, foods or bathe in unsafe or discolored water.

Water can be discolored due to some momentary reasons, or sometimes it can be a serious thing, leading to a major problem. In case the colors are discolored, the old rusty pipes can be the main reason and that need replacement.

Check Water Pressure

Low water pressure can give you a serious headache in the long run. After all, when you are using the water to complete a task quickly, you get bumped by low water pressure. It’s stressful when you have to deal with it, and it points towards bigger plumbing problems. So, finding the source will help you evaluate the depth of the problem.

Need To Evaluate Sink Condition

Is the sink in your potential future abode too old? It can rot and start dropping. When you are correcting the water pressure, it will soon collapse for sure. But if you caught up with the condition early, few repair works can make its condition better. Eventually, you may have to replace the sink if it is old. The sink’s location will determine whether it will be easy to install a new sink or too difficult.


Homes can have a plumbing problem, and it’s not a deal-breaker. However, in order to get in, you have to understand the exact situation completely. After all, you have to put aside a good chunk of money for the restoration of the plumbing issues. Of course, you have to access the fixing price if you have set your heart into buying the house.

A plumbing inspection will take you to the negotiating stage with your seller about the price of the house. Unless you don’t run the inspection and later find out the troubles of bad plumbing, you would have more trouble. So, you carry on a sewer camera inspection to ensure it is clear of any troubles.