Pets are not just good companions. They also help us improve our well-being. Having a pet is advantageous physically, mentally and emotionally. Spending time with them enables our pets to become more attentive that gives them the ability to interpret our actions and tone of voice. They can determine when we are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety and act to lessen the burden that we might be going through.

By spending time with our special friends, pets express their gratitude by showing them respect, loyalty, and unconditional love. Providing them a good place to stay, you’ll earn a trustworthy family member. And keep your pets groomed and in the best good condition is necessary. I have my pet dog who is living like a member of my family.

Pets Can Improve Your Health

Five Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health

1. Pets reduce stress.

It had been said that having a companion like a dog, reduces stress. According to Mindlab Intl., almost have of the population feels more secure in having a dog in the house, and that they feel more relaxed after spending time with them.

Pets are not just bred animals, they are companions in which you can share your emotions.

2. Pets help to ease the pain.

Having a pet running around the house helps to provide comfort. According to some reports people who had undergone operations had more chances of successful recovery with the help of spending some time with pets. Pet therapy is now acknowledged to help reduce anxiety.

3. Pets can detect cancer.

Several studies conducted in San Diego proves that well-trained dogs can detect cancer elements in several urine samples. Medical practitioners often recommend pet prescription to their patients. Because caring for a pet motivate patients to give it their all to take better care of themselves. With their value as a family member, we must give them the best of care. Even just keeping them away from paralysis tick symptoms after removal may do.

4. Spending time with pets result to lower risk of heart attack

Would you believe it? Researchers found out that spending some time petting your pet can lower your blood pressure. It had been said that, promotes activity-like exercise which is necessary for the elderly in maintaining good health. Taking care of a pet, either a dog or a cat often leads to physical activities and social interactions, which can enhance psychological and physiological health.

5. Pets promote fitness.

Based on The New York Times, people who spend more time walking with their pets is more physically fit than those walking with human companions. A study conducted in Missouri-Columbia states that people who walk with their pets twenty minutes a day and 5 days a week lose more weight than those who did not walk regularly.

By having a companion who’s always on the go for walks and fun-filled activities, pet owners are classified to be more physically fit. Pets do not only provide a healthier routine but also help us develop a well-maintained diet. Pets also require a healthy and clean environment even if they are so playful and in the mood to get dirty most of the time. Pet owners should always be attentive and observant about their pets’ behavior and condition.

By charmin