5 Must-Dos for Healthier Skin

Healthier Skin

When you think about your skin, a lot of focus may be on the way it looks. You may concentrate on makeup to create a certain look or take wrinkles, lines, and blemishes too personally. 

However, skin health is so much more than aesthetics, as it’s important to care for your skin in every way. It’s the biggest organ of your body, after all. Skin health begins with your diet, lifestyle, and skincare routine, as well as preventative methods to always protect it.

1. Moisturize

Keeping your skin moisturized is a very basic component of a healthy skincare routine. It’ll not only help your skin to be in its best condition, but it’ll look more refreshed, too. Using a moisturizer can also help control oil levels on your skin and repair dry or damaged skin. Always look for a moisturizer suited for your skin type, and applying once or twice a day — especially after a shower, wash, or bath — is a good rule to stick to. 

2. Protect Against the Sun 

It’s extremely important for your general health and skin health to always protect against harmful UV rays. Applying sunscreen is a key part of that to ensure you don’t put your skin at risk of burning or, worse, skin cancer. 

Not only that, but UV rays can promote premature aging and increase lines and wrinkles. When protecting against the sun, also think about: 

  • Covering up 
  • Avoiding the hottest times of the day
  • Finding shade when your skin needs a break
  • Wearing sunglasses to avoid squinting, and therefore avoid wrinkling up your face 

3. Get Enough Sleep 

Lack of sleep can make you feel less than your best, but did you know it also affects the appearance of your skin too? It isn’t just about dark circles around your eyes after a bad night’s sleep, either (though that’s part of it). Sleep is important for your body and skin to repair itself, so if you neglect your sleep over a long period of time, your skin may not be able to do its job in caring for itself and being in its healthiest condition. 

4. Practice Toning Exercises

If you’re worried about sagging or wrinkly skin, toning exercises are a great way to help shape your face, especially if you have a specific area you’d like to target, like trying to eliminate a double chin. You can also invest in a facial toning device to help reduce lines, wrinkles and to promote a more contoured face.

5. Implement a Skincare Routine that Works for You

Having a general skincare routine is important, but not any old routine will do. It’s vital for skin health to match a routine and products with your particular skin and your skin’s needs. Having a routine with the right skin care products suited for dry skin when you have oily skin, for example, can result in neglecting skin health. 

So be sure to research your skin type and which products and routines best match that.