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IRCTC – From Online Ticketing to Tourism

IRCTC is known to be one of the most visited travel and tourism websites in India. After all, this is the only website which lets you book a ticket for Indian Railways. IRCTC recently came up with IRCTC Next Generation website where it has integrated many new features. These new features include the facility of booking tourism packages, air tickets and even IRCTC eWallet. You can avail all these services with help of your IRCTC e-Wallet.

So, it can be said that IRCTC is now offering all services via one platform. These services range from Online Ticketing to Tourism. To give you a glimpse of service, we have mentioned the list of different types of services that you can obtain from the IRCTC Portal.

Different Types of Ticketing and Tourism Services Offered by IRCTC

  • Railway Ticketing Service – As you know, the IRCTC website helps you in booking the Rail Tickets. You need to visit and login with your IRCTC Next Generation Login ID to book the railway tickets. You can also book a meal and other services here.
  • Air Ticket Booking – Apart from the Rail Tickets, IRCTC also lets you book the air tickets and trust us, the prices are very competitive. You can get great offers and deals here. To book the air ticket, you can navigate to and login here with the IRCTC Login ID. The rest of the process is similar to other websites that you would have used in past.
  • Cab Booking – IRCTC is not just about air tickets and railway tickets. They also understand that you might need a cab for commuting. Hence, IRCTC partnered with Ola to provide you cab services. To book a cab, you can visit the IRCTC website and then go to Services at Station. From the drop-down menu, click on Book a Cab. You can then book a cab from there.
  • Domestic Tours – Most of would like to get a customized domestic tour which not only includes the air tickets but also the hotels, transfers and sightseeing. IRCTC also has such domestic tours to offer and these packages can be booked by going to You can book Rail Tours and even Air Tours with help of this website.
  • International Tours – The next amazing service offered by IRCTC is International tourism. It also offers many international tours through its website and once again the prices for the packages are highly competitive. The service quality is also quite amazing here.
  • Hotels – This is the last service in our list and this includes the interface for booking the hotels. You can book hotels by visiting and the process is just like you have it on any other website.

This was all about the ticketing and tourism services offered by IRCTC. To get a first-hand experience of the new interface of the website, you must visit the IRCTC Next Generation Portal and have a look at what it has to offer. You will certainly find the prices to be really competitive.