how to travel solo in goa

Are you tired of your regular routines? Do you want to do something more adventurous? How about a solo trip? We learn a lot from traveling alone. We get wiser, come face to face with our fears and also force you to take care of yourself. Also, we would learn to live outside of our comfort zone. We will push ourselves to make new friends and realize that it is actually pretty simple.

There is absolutely no better place than Goa to meet and party with new people from all over the world. Goa is very popular among foreigners. It would be a great experience to meet people and learn so much about different cultures. Here are a few things you could do on your solo trip to Goa

1. Boat cruise

Take a boat cruise in Goa and explore the magnificent River Mandovi. You could choose to either enjoy the view of the river peacefully, stay overnight at some cruises, or party with new people. Enjoy an evening with great music, DJs, artists, and much more entertainment. Meeting new people over a cruise is one of the best ways to meet people. Dance all the stress away.

2. Go club hopping

Goa is the best place in India to go club hopping.  There are several amazing parties, clubs, and pubs all over Goa. North Goa is known to host the best parties in the country. The parties held here have an electrifying vibe. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your favorite party clothes and leave for Goa. You would be so excited to see the prices of alcohol in Goa. People from all over the world come to Goa to party. Meet new people every day and party with new people every day.

3. Fly in Goa

You don’t need wings to fly in Goa, just go parasailing instead. Parasailing in Goa is one of the best adventure sports. The view of the ocean to one side and the seashore on the other side will definitely leave you amazed. If you ever have a fear of heights, this could be your crazy story about how you got over your fears.

4. Go shopping to Anjuna flea market

This is one of the most popular and attractive places in Goa. There are lots of attractive things such as jewellery, clothing dream catchers, and even electronics. Everything is available here. There are various hippie things to get from here.

5. Enjoy a peaceful yoga session at the beach

Take a walk to the beach early in the morning and spread your beach mat. Doing yoga surrounded by nature is very different from doing the same in a class or a room. The energy around you will make you feel much energized. Watch the sunrise while performing the Surya Namaskara.

Traveling alone teaches you a lot about life. You will become more responsible, open-minded, and happy. You will come back with a lot of happy memories and friends from different parts of the world.

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