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Some of these friendships were forged through the use of Discord music bots. Playing an awesome indie tabletop road trip game called Ribbon Drive is how I met my best friends, Takuma and Fen. The characters you create in the game are based on the tracks you choose for your mixtapes. By creating playlists for your road trip, you can control how the tone and content of your story will be.

Groovy was there every step of the way as I began to open up about my sexuality with other people in that game. As opposed to going to YouTube and constantly skipping ads between songs, keeping everything in the Discord server in the car made it feel more intimate and honest.

The first song in a playlist got groovy discord mixed up and ended up playing the wrong track. The first song of the game defines your characters. As a player, you take lyrics and use them to shape your character’s personality. In our game, our characters were chased by a massive storm from Georgia to Canada, which they had to outrun.

The sound of rain falling on a window in the first song was accidentally played by a robot that we had never heard before. It’s a beautiful song with lyrics that seemed tailor-made for the story we were trying to tell. Winter howls at the walls, and the three queer kids find shelter in each other as they move across the country.

Time Has Come To An End For Discord Music Bots

YouTube notified groovy and music bot discord owners. Groovy finally shut down on August 30th after complying with the notice. On September 15th, the owners of the Rythm Discord bot received a similar warning from YouTube and shut down the bot.

Groovy had been in the wild for a shorter period than Rhythm bot. More than 560 million people use Discord, and Rythm is installed on 20 million servers. On the other hand, Groovy has been installed on 16 million Discord servers and has over 250 million registered members.

Audio from discord youtube videos can be streamed to Discord servers via music streaming bots, which allow parties to take place. Google and YouTube were alerted to this and took notice.

Premium Subscription

Because both bots offer a premium subscription that gives Discord users a few extra features, YouTube decided to take them down. Google removed groovy because it violated its terms of service, which included altering it for commercial purposes, the company told The Verge. The Rythm bot may have been shut down for the same reasons.

Two Discord bots have announced their closure, Groovy, and Rythm. In the future, it’s unclear if YouTube will allow free music bots to operate or if it will bring its integration into Discord for watching and listening to parties. If Groovy and Rythm bots are anything to go by, other bots that offer a premium subscription may follow suit.

For years, music bots have been enabled by third parties on Discord, allowing it to avoid legal action from companies like YouTube. Many Discord users will be forced to look for alternatives after Groovy and Rythm shut down, but smaller bot developers could soon find themselves in the same situation if they try to fill the massive gap.

Alternative by Youtube

There does appear to be some alternative being developed by YouTube and Discord, however. Until recently, Discord has been testing a social party feature on its service, which allows Discord users to organize a YouTube viewing party. However, if and when the part is released, it will serve as an official method of watching YouTube content within Discord.

Not all oversight is terrible. Since the beginning of this year, Discord has begun shutting down servers that are breeding grounds for fascist rhetoric and Neo-Nazism, which is good. It’s important to note that even this hints at the general direction Discord are heading in. Ultimately, it aims to gain market share and popularity, making it more appealing to potential partners and advertisers.

People, on the other hand, are better than systems at discovering new ways to connect. Sorry Groovy and Rythm, hopefully, your descendants are cooler and worse than they are now.

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By Punit