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Because of their reputation for allowing clients to download unauthorized content, torrent websites have frequently drawn the attention of law enforcement agencies. This is why many popular torrent websites, such as Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, and KickassTorrent, have been prohibited in various countries. yify movies, often known as YTS, is another torrent website that the laws have hit. Yify movies is a popular torrent website that has emerged as one of the most well-known repositories within the peer-to-peer sharing community.

10 Best Yify Alternatives : Best Torrent Sites

If you live in a country where Yify or YTS isn’t available, here’s a list of YTS alternatives you can use to download torrent files. These Yify choices also feature a large selection of torrent files to download and the majority of the opportunity websites listed below work in most regions.



RARBG was noted for having an extensive collection of yify torrent from many categories. Many of the RARBG torrents were of low quality, and some even contained malware. That’s why RARBG, a torrent index and magnet links organization formed in 2008, has long been a favorite among file-sharing enthusiasts.

RARBG provides a much more curated experience than yify subtitles. It focuses primarily on films and television shows. There are also categories on the website for games, music, software, adult content, and torrents that don’t fit into any previous categories.

Except for one week in 2008, when RARBG was forced to close due to legal pressure from BREIN, the website has been operating without interruption, which is something that most other torrent sites cannot claim.

2. 1337x


You’ll have a hard time finding a better-looking yify tv alternative than 1337x. 1337x is the third most popular torrent website on the Internet as of 2018, and its appealing design has a lot to do with that. 1337x is a public torrent tracker that does not specialize in any particular content. Everything from movies to video games to music to applications may be found on the website.

Because 1337x is so relaxing, users frequently comment under the stuff they download, sometimes evaluating the quality of the content and sometimes warning other users about malware. Many torrents on 1337x come with a description and cover, making it simple to find something fascinating even if you have no idea what you’re looking for.

3. Zooqle


Zooqle is a new torrent tracker and a great yify stream alternative. Despite having over 3.5 million confirmed torrents and approximately 2,000 fresh torrents added every day, Zooqle has received little traditional attention. That’s probably why it’s been able to use the.com domain. Even if that changes in the future, Zooqle already has multiple alternative parts in place.

To get the most out of Zooqle, you’ll need to create a user account. It will allow you to create memberships and RSS feeds. That way, you’ll be able to get an alert whenever a new episode of your favorite TV show is released.

4. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 differs from KickassTorrents in that it is a different type of torrent site. It’s a torrent search engine that pulls in millions of search engine results from various torrent sites. It includes many of the ones mentioned in this article. This makes Torrentz2 ideal for locating less well-known content that may only be available through a single torrent domain.

The main concern is that the torrents detected by Torrentz2 aren’t guaranteed to be of good quality. Because the search results page is not curated, torrents that would soon be reported on other torrent sites are frequently shown alongside legitimate downloads, necessitating extra caution when clicking.

5. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrent was a popular torrent site similar to KickassTorrents when it first launched. It even surpassed BitTorrent as the world’s second-largest torrent site in November 2016. Despite this, its owners deliberately closed down more petite than a year after it peaked in popularity. Today, you can browse several ExtraTorrent mirrors.

According to the ExtraTorrent IRC Channels, https://extratorrent.si/ is the only ExtraTorrent mirror controlled by the original website’s moderators. Some ExtraTorrent mirrors have been discovered mining cryptocurrencies or spreading malware, so we recommend sticking to extratorrent.

6. Kickass Torrents 

Kickass TorrentsĀ 

It does not require an introduction because the torrent website is well-known on the Internet. Kickass torrent, which has emerged as one of the most popular torrent websites. It has the potential to serve as the ideal yify yts for those who are unable to access YTS for any reason. Although the original Kickass torrent website closed down a long time ago, multiple mirror websites have appeared on the Internet.

The reflecting area uses the same user interface and choice format as the rest of the site. On the top, you’ll find the torrent library, the most popular torrents, and the Top torrents section. These are complemented with a tag cloud that informs you about the most common searches on the internet site.

7. Lime Torrents 

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents has often ranked high on lists of excellent torrent websites. Customers have reacted positively to the torrent website, which allows you to search for almost any torrent file. If Yify Films isn’t always available, Lime Torrent is one of the finest YTS solutions for downloading torrent files. Lime Torrent’s website is continuously updated. It makes it one of the most popular destinations for torrent fans. The torrent files uploaded here have a healthy number of seeders and leechers.

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8. Thepiratebays3


The Pirate Bay, which was launched in 2003 and is still active. It is undoubtedly the most well-known torrent site globally. Except for a brief period when KickassTorrents ruled the file-sharing sector, The Pirate Bay has always maintained its position as the most visited torrent website.

Its users adore it because of the vast amount of digital content available and because of its founders, who constantly express concerns about power concentration and are outspoken advocates for digital liberty.

The Pirate Bay has a straightforward design that resembles Google Search. You can look for torrents by name, by classification, or by seeing the top 100 most popular torrents. The Pirate Bay uses crypto mining scripts on its site to help sustain the site by mining Monero with the CPU power of its visitors (MXR). The focus of this open-source coin is fungibility and decentralization. Although you can use an adblocker to stop the scripts, you should consider letting it go to help fund the website.



EZTV is all about television programming, as its name suggests. Even though our other recommendations for the top YTS Alternatives will help you find similar content, there are several reasons to focus on EZTV. To begin with, it has an intuitive user interface that allows you to dig into the most recently published content quickly; given that most new television episodes air weekly, this is the best way to keep up with what’s new and popular.

EZTV also includes a few more features that you won’t find anywhere else. You can search for TV shows depending on their air dates by going to the site’s calendar section. There’s also a tab called ‘Countdown,’ which allows you to see when the next season of your favorite television show is set to air. With that said, if you enjoy television series, EZTV should be your next Web destination.

10. TorLock


TorLock stands out from the crowd for one reason: it exclusively offers certified torrents. It means that malware and other types of mischief are nearly impossible to find here. TorLock is even willing to pay you if you find a fake torrent file. Given that P2P files are frequently used to spread damaging code, having a site like TorLock is something we should appreciate.

This repository provides a significant number of files despite only delivering certified torrents. It has a substantial number of daily active users as a result of its credibility. This means that you download exceptionally healthy torrents that are quick to download. You can use TorLock to examine the torrent’s complete description and even read comments left by other users before downloading it.


If Yify movies aren’t available in your area and your ISP has prohibited access to any of the torrent websites listed above, these proxies and mirror sites can help. If the need arises, you can use these proxy sites as Yify alternatives.

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