Teeth Problems and Their Solutions

Wisdom teeth, for most people, represent a real problem as soon as they appear inside the mouth. Wisdom teeth usually appear from the age of 18, even when they are born in different periods.

Let us learn more about wisdom teeth problems, solutions, and symptoms.

Depending on how the wisdom tooth develops, you may encounter several problems, including:

1. Space problems:

Between the two molars (the eighth and the seventh) the gap that is created is difficult to keep clean with traditional oral hygiene practices. In other words, the dental floss, the brush, and the brush are difficult to use because the position of the molar makes any cleaning operation impossible.

2. Difficulty opening the jaw:

The pain can occur not only during chewing which requires the use and effort of the jaw, but also only when the mouth is opened, which could be tiring.

3. Pressure or overlapping problems with other teeth:

The inclination of the molar can be such as to undermine the position of the other molars, and therefore of the entire dental arch, all the more during the phase of tooth development.

In both cases, it is good practice to consult a dentist either for a check or to determine what to do. The doctor will only work if it is necessary, so if the wisdom tooth can cause problems to the other teeth, if it causes pain and, above all, if it is the origin of an inflammation.

4. Symptoms of wisdom teeth:

It is possible to notice the birth of the wisdom tooth because there are more or less intense pains just in the inner part of the dental arch. The most frequent symptoms are:

5. Pain in the gums:

It is perceived as a swelling, sometimes annoying even during chewing. The gum tissue that covers the wisdom tooth can be particularly sensitive in the presence of food residues.

6. Headache:

The pain corresponds precisely to the area where the wisdom tooth is about to erupt. Slight pain in the ear can also be felt concomitantly and it will seem to have a head divided into two parts – The one aching and the other without symptoms.

7. Halitosis:

Generally, halitosis is associated with the presence of an infection or if complete oral cavity cleaning has not been performed. The eruption of a wisdom tooth can lead to inflammation, and therefore the sensation of having bad breath.

8. Swollen gums and gingival bleeding:

The tooth that is about to come out is like tearing the gum tissue, not without consequences such as bleeding. Nothing to worry about if the symptom ends in a short time, while its prolongation should be an alarm bell.

9. Mild fever:

Many individuals may experience a mild fever during the day, even in conjunction with other symptoms.

Solutions of wisdom teeth:

The tooth of wisdom grows and the gum hurts what to do?

Since it is impossible to influence the immediate cause of the onset of pain, it is useful to know which methods can be used if the wisdom tooth grows and the gum hurts.

To endure an intolerable pain with the eruption of a wisdom tooth is impossible. You must contact the dentist immediately to avoid complications. If this possibility does not exist in the first two days, it is possible to try the means to facilitate the condition:

  • The solution of hard salt for rinsing: Dilute a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of soda in a glass of hot water. When the solution has cooled and becomes hot, it is necessary to rinse the mouth, keeping the solution near the growing tooth.
  • Effective application to the edematous oral mucosa at the site of the future tooth with anesthetic gels.
  • Drink an anesthetic or a piece of a pill to apply to a sore spot.
  • The solution of calendula for rinsing: a teaspoon of the alcoholic solution on a glass of warm water.

It is important to know:

All these solutions are temporary. The best way to get rid of pain is wisdom tooth removal.

What happens if wisdom teeth are not treated?

At the first pain that occurs in the wisdom teeth, it is advisable to consult the dentist. It is a form of prevention that could help the patient to avoid more serious damage. So it is advisable to go for a tooth removal.

By Punit