Who Should You Date As Per Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Date According Zodiac

2019 is upon us and we all have our resolutions and goals for this year in place. It could be about a healthier lifestyle or a more organized life. While, different people have different aspirations from the coming year, but somewhere deep down there is one thing that each one of us wants, that is, to have a life full of love and happiness. And, that is the reason most of the belief in Astrology and love to read the free horoscope online.

So for all those singles who are looking for love, it would be quite interesting to find out what kind of person should you date this year as per your Zodiac Sign. One’s Sun Sign is an accurate determinant of one’s personality, traits, and attitude and approach towards matters such as love. So, your Zodiac Sign is perhaps the best way to know who you should date in 2019.


One of the fiery signs of the Zodiac, Aries are always high on energy and passion. They are always ready to hop on to some crazy bandwagon. So, this year they need to date someone in whose presence they are all calm and relaxed.


Taurus is a fixed sign. They are extremely stubborn and like to have things their own way. They are practical, lovable, and goal-oriented and see the world as is. So, this year, they should try and date someone who is creative, colorful, and quirky. Be with someone this year, who can add some color in your way of perceiving things, could be a painter or writer.


Geminis love change and that too frequent ones. They do not like a monotonous and mundane life. So, they should date someone similar to them or at least somebody who does not get exhausted or irritated by such sudden changes. Their free-spirited nature should not get bogged down this year.


Cancer is known for its extremely emotional and sentimental nature. They get hurt easily and value love and relationships more than anything else.  So, they should date someone who they have known for years. Go out with an old friend who knows you in and out and who you can trust without a second thought.


Leos are the most extrovert, gregarious, and extravagant people of the Zodiac. They live their life to the fullest and like the attention and admiration that comes their way. So, as much as they love the attention and affection from others, they should date someone who has a crush on them. If the date the person who is trying to woo them for long, they will surely get pampered and will be showered with all the attention in the world.


Virgos are the most grounded people and they value stability and consistency in all matters of life, including love. If they like someone or date, someone, they definitely see a future somewhere. So, this year they should date someone who is looking for a long term relationship. Go for someone who thinks the same way you think about love. Maybe you find a love that is for keeps.


Libra loves all things beautiful, artistic, and creative. They firmly believe in love and are die-hard romantics. Also, they want their life to be beautifully balanced. So, this year they should date someone who complements their nature, personality, and behavior. Being an emotional sign, they should stay away from people who are just looking for flings.


Scorpio is the one who comes across as someone who is quite dark and mysterious. Although they are extremely emotional, their emotions run really deep and it is hard to tell what they are thinking or feeling. So, as mysterious as they are, they should date someone who is a mystery to them. A complete stranger may be. They would find it really interesting to date someone like that.


Sagittarius is the adventurous and knowledge seekers of the Zodiac. They love challenges of all kind and love having conversations which stimulate their intellectual prowess. In 2019, they should date someone who has a similar interest in enhancing their knowledge or has the same level of intellectuality as a Sag. They could also go out with someone who knows more than them. It would be an interesting dynamic to witness.


Capricorn is the meticulous lot of the Zodiac. They plan, plan, and plan and never enter into uncharted territories without full preparation. They never want any kind of mess or complications in their life. Perfection is what you seek in every aspect of life. 2019 is your year to do something unexpected and out of the box. Date someone diametrically opposed to you who lives life on the edge and has an adventurous streak. Bring some fun in your life this year.


Aquarius is the queer people of the Zodiac. They have immense love for all things crazy and out of the box. Moreover, they value friendships more than any romantic relationship. So, they should date one of their friends this year. One who understands them completely and can be a party to their crazy sprees. They have their strange ways of doing things so they should be with someone who not only understands this side but also is an equal party to that.


Pisces are extremely sensitive and romantic. Moreover, they do not like to get stuck in one place. In 2019, you should date someone who understands your sentiments and emotions. Also, you value your personal space and independence. You should go out with someone who has the same independent streak as you do.

Love could be a complex thing. It takes a great deal to find out about what is going to happen in your love life. Today love horoscope is quite an accurate way to know that.