In modern society, we, especially adult males, experience huge stress in life or work. The negative emotion caused by stress will not only affect physical health but also contribute to hair loss. For males, hair loss destroys the image and takes a toll on self-esteem. So, it is a good option to wear a hair toupee.

Hair Toupee

The History of hair toupee:

In human history, we have the history of the toupee. In ancient Egypt, wearing toupees is to protect the head from the sun or keep it clean. For Romans, the bald is perceived as guilty, to have good career advancement, the bald man has to wear a hairpiece. From the 16th-17th century in Europe, wigs are in fashion.

Hair Toupee

What is the difference between a wig and a toupee?

For many people, there exists confusion between wig and toupee. According to the dictionary, the toupee(toupée) refers to “a small wig or artificial hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot”. While as for wig, it means “a covering of false hair that you wear on your head”. So, whether wig or toupee, it both means false hair. But the difference is the section that can cover. Commonly, the toupee is suitable for a male who has a bald section. In terms of wig, it is used by people without hair or who just want to change their hairstyle.

Hair Toupee

The advantage of toupee:

(1)   First, the biggest and obvious advantage I think is that the toupee uncovers the bald. So, it looks real.

(2)   Second, the high-quality hairpiece is natural, which will make people who wear more shiny.

(3)   Last but not least, the hair toupee can be styled, which can meet your different style needs.

The cost of a hair toupee:

In terms of toupee price, the short answer is that it ranges from dozens of dollars to several hundred dollars. Specifically, the price is affected by base material (mono base, silk base, lace base, skin base), hair color, hairstyle, hair material (synthetic, human hair). So, your unique choice will affect the money you should pay. In my opinion, in terms of hair material, I recommend human hair.

Because compared with synthetic hair, the human hair toppers which have different types of texture will blend into your hair seamlessly. More importantly, the human hair toupee will make you more lustrous on social occasions. If you have enough, the Remy human hair which means the 100% human hair with the full cuticles intact is a better option.

How long does a toupee last?

According to statistics, hair toupee can last 6-9 months. For lace base and silk base, it can be used for 6-months. As for skin base, it can last 1-3months. However, in terms of a single product, the lifespan will be affected by toupee quality, the toupee manufacturers. At the same time, compared with synthetic hair, human hair is more durable. It is worth noting that if you care, the human hair that you use can withstand up to two years.

The maintenance of toupee:

So, to prolong the life expectancy of a toupee, careful maintenance is necessary. In the First, in terms of daily life, you should not sleep and shower with a hair toupee. If you want to wash your toupee(every 15-20 wears or every 2-4 months), you should follow the following steps:

(1)   Before you start washing, you should detangle. The correct step is combing your hair from the ends to the untangled area.

(2)   Put your hairpiece into cold water(not warm water) for about 5-10 minutes. If the time is too long, the hairline will probably peel off.

(3)   Then put your hair on the stand, taking advantage of sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoos to gently wash the toupee.

(4)   After washing, using conditioners to soak the hairpiece.

(5)   Using several dry towels to blot up the water.

(6)   Placing toupee in a shady place.

(7)   For washed hairpiece, if you don’t wear regularly, you should spray a little oil.

(8)   After dry, covering the toupee with a hairnet and putting it into a plastic bag.

(9)   The storage area should be relatively dry.

By Punit