Car Accident lawyer Virginia

One of the most unforeseen and devastating life events a person can go through is a serious auto accident. Your life abruptly transforms from a relatively predictable routine to a disorganized jumble of medical expenses, lost income, pain, and perhaps even the loss of mobility. Nobody should have to deal with a serious auto accident’s aftereffects by themselves. With the right legal counsel, you might be able to get the money you need to recover fully and fairly.

How long time people have to file a lawsuit after a car accident?

In Virginia, unless a minor is involved, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit related to a car accident is typically two years from the date of the accident. The statute of limitations for cases involving minors who have been injured is typically two years from the date of their eighteenth birthday. However, the law firm handling your case will want to get started much earlier.

Payouts for Virginia auto accidents

In addition to the physical discomfort and physical harm you will experience as a result of your accident injury, you will probably also have to pay for hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription medications, medical equipment, tests, and scans, as well as lost wages, transportation expenses, and property damage. These expenses can accumulate quickly. In Virginia, car accident lawyers fight for their clients’ full financial recovery from insurance companies. Economic, non-economic, and punitive damages are the three main types of car accident damages.

Economic harm

​All costs that have a set financial cost are included in this category.

Damages Not Economic

Accidents that result in injury also cause pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and occasionally incapacitating conditions. There isn’t a set monetary figure for many of the effects of a car accident. Non-economic damages make an effort to fairly make up for the victim’s pain and suffering.

Retaliatory Damages

Punitive damages in Virginia are limited to $350,000, but they are rarely granted in car accident cases. In most cases, punitive damages are given to the defendant as a result of their egregious, willful, or wanton negligence.

Harrisonburg, Virginia, Insurance Claim Filing

​Virginia is, in essence, a state with faults. For instance, if you were hurt in an accident in Harrisonburg with another driver, you could file a claim with their insurance provider. You might be surprised to learn that the insurance company will be eager to quickly settle your claim if you are hurt in an accident. They might even propose to write you a check right away. That’s because they want you to settle your claim before you consult a personal injury law firm about your legal options.

The compensation that the insurance company offers will be far short of a full and just settlement, though it may be adequate to cover your car damage and your initial injury. In addition, the payment is contingent upon your signing a waiver of liability, which prevents you from suing for more money if the amount they gave you turns out to be inadequate.

What to Do in Virginia If You Get Hurt in a Car Accident

Even though Virginia has its laws governing the reporting of car accidents, most other states follow a similar general set of procedures. The following advice is intended to help you and your car accident attorney as you pursue your claim. 

  • Ensure your safety 
  • Call emergency personnel 
  • Try to spot any witnesses; there might be a lot of people stopping or loitering nearby after the collision. 
  • Videotape and photograph the scene of the collision, the vehicles’ damage, any road debris, and any injuries that may have occurred. This will help your legal case. 
  • Permit rescuers to examine you 
  • Refuse to sign insurance documents
  • Speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney 

By Punit