10 Very Well Designed Education Websites

Well Designed Education Websites
Well Designed Education Websites

Elements of website pulled together thoughtfully can demonstrate and explain the idea of your company. We see new emerging trends every day but all of them cannot be incorporated since too much of anything is never good. In order to make a visitor’s experience good, everything should be balanced. Developers specifically concentrate on student’s website because this age group is more likely to use the internet. It is a virtual visit to the institute. We are going to judge them on the basis of visual design, content, navigation and cell phone compatibility.  Here is a list of well-designed education websites:

1. University of Texas Arlington

This website has a great interface. The navigation tabs are easy to use. An interesting feature of the website is that you can Write My Essay For Me request information if you want. Other than website have updates in the form of announcements, news and events, tweets also inform the visitors about seminars and scholarship announcements.

2. The University of Chicago

This website is a complete blend of content, visual design, and navigation tools. On the top of right corner, there are separate tab for students, faculty, parents etc which leads to information in the respective categories. Other than that, there are general categories which give information about the institute.

3. Stanford Arts

It is one of the most visually impactful websites as it celebrates arts. The developer has done justice. It has pictures of almost all art forms that Stanford teaches. These pictures are navigators for each discipline.

4. University of Montana

The University of Montana’s website is a visual treat. Starts with a beautiful visual of Montana and as you scroll down; it gives information about the campus.

5. University of Denver Seminary

This website is great when it comes to content. There are no big visuals but it is very simple to use.

6. Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design has amazing visuals and navigators. The website is not cluttered and the color scheme is eye-catching.

7. School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts has a website which one of the kinds. It has a rare feature of providing visitors with student’s work with copyrights. So in case, art students are looking for sample work, they should check out this website for sure.

8. Bob Jones University

It is a wonderful scroll down of stunning photography. The clicks are good enough to attract any student who wants to join the campus. The color scheme is great and the content is not cluttered which makes it easy on the eyes.

9. Tamagawa University

This website is a perfect mixture of visuals and content. It has fun animations with categories and the description of these categories is quite well detailed. It is a simple website to use with all these elements.

10. SCAD- The University for Creative Careers

What makes this assignment unique is it is designed by students. Most of the content and visuals is created by the student and they see it as a way of welcoming new students through senior students.