Top 31 Cool and Interesting Websites to Kill Time

Websites to Kill Time
Websites to Kill Time

Boredom kills are mood rights? When we all feel that we are out of work now, we need little entertainment. Especially when we are alone. To kill time we do many things like studying, doing household chores or even feeling and managing our house or room. But what about the time when we are done with all that too internet or social media to have fun and kill time? Technology development and advances have offered unlimited entertainment options for us to the table. The fun way to spend time is to find out some cool stuff on the internet because the internet in itself is a world of entertainment.

The Internet is surely an amazing platform where we can kill time. We can play games, free videos, listen to music as well as browse anything. There are many websites for this purpose. There are many websites and apps to kill your time and these websites will grab your attention and will not let you get bored.

In this article, I would like to share 31 cool and interesting websites to kill your time. Take a peek at these websites.

1. ChatGPT:-

you must have heard of ChatGPT, so if you want to look for entertainment or just some normal information you should use ChatGPT. It is one of the most interesting websites. ChatGPT serves as a good guide, you can ask anything from it and you will get answers for all. It is a great source of entertainment and you will love it. Chatgpt will make you fall in love with itself. You can ask questions and you’ll be replied. Well, this works like this. You’ll feel like you’re talking to a human being.

2. Post Secret:-

In recent years post-secret has gained a very huge population. The post secret website is not just a website anymore it is open to all the interesting things such as publishing books it has all the published books it will also take to art exhibits. Moreover, the public speaking arrangement is best in that as well. It is also a very good website that serves as a platform where the speaker and that would be anonymous can say anything or can share their secrets with the world.

This website was launched in 2005. Another interesting feature of this website is that it allows users to create visual representations of the thought such as anything that they have heard of they can create a visual picture of that. They can also mail the design that they have made of that secret that they have read to the mail address of the speaker. It is a really fun website to kill your time. 

3. Cool Things:- 

Do you have an ample amount of time as well as an ample amount of money? This website is best for you. This website offers a wide range of amazing products and gadgets that are very innovative and another interesting discovery that you will find in this website will take your mind out of that boredom that you are facing and you will have a lot of fun. It is one of the cool websites. This website aims to provide fun to you. This website includes products of various categories such as fashion lifestyle, home food, technology, and everything users can decorate their homes. Moreover, they can read books so this app is for everything.

4. River Styx:- 

The River Styx website offers an amazing entertaining experience for the users it’s a very good website to kill your time when you are bored. It is a very engaging website that offers beautiful designs because the visuals that this website offers are amazing. It is one of the fun websites. One of the main attractions of the River Styx website is a huge collection of games.

You can play games of any type for example if you want to play a game-related adventure this website offers you that, if you want something puzzle-solving this website offers you that as well. If you want something related to action or drama this website offers that as well. So this website is for all ages. Whenever you are bored or worried about what you should play, please go to this website and check this website. You will be entertained for hours. The visuals of the games that this website offers are amazing. The graphics of this website are marvelous. 

5. Not Always Right:- 

The “Not Always Right” website is a different website that allows users to share their life stories and other stories that they want to share with the world. Users can go to the website and read about the people and their life and sometimes get inspired as well as entertained by all the fun activities that the storyteller has done. This Website offers humorous comments, and puns as well as embarrassing moments, and frustrating moments as well so this is a very fun activity to do.

The main purpose of the “Not Always Right” website is to provide fun to the users and amuse and entertain the visitors of the website. These stories mostly surround or revolve around the employees and customers mostly about their hospitality, the food, and other services that they have experienced, so users get both a good experience as well as an absurd experience and maybe they can learn from it.

6. Wordle:- 

Wordle is a great website for intellectuals as well as for those who like fun and knowledge at the same time. In this game it allows you to guess a word of five letters and it is really fun to do that. It comes once a day and it’s universal. So maintain your streak. The game then provides feedback on the accuracy of the guess, indication. Wordle is a purely intellectual game that promotes word knowledge, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning. So if you are thinking about how to pass time as well as use your time at the same time, this site is for you. It is a cool website. 

7. Mapcrunch:- 

MAPCRUNCH is an interactive website. As the name suggests map crunch includes a map so you must be thinking that it is related to a map and it must be boring no it is related to the map but it is not boring it allows users to explore the world in a very unique and engaging way. You can explore different locations of the world, you can visit different locations as well, explore landscapes, different landmarks, and the streets as well so it is a very engaging app full stop you must try this app when you are bored trust me.

You just have to click on the go button to enjoy your virtual tour. They will transport you to any location and it will be unknown to you and then you can explore the street, the locality, and everything. It offers you a very real experience. So it is one of the cool websites to visit when you are bored.

8. Gnoosic:- 

Gnoosic is a website that offers users to explore music. It sounds like music, right? Well, it does the same. You can go to this website and have fun with the music. You will see different types of music and genres. Also, you can see and hear whatever you like based on you and your preferences. Also, you can explore various artists, you can explore various music tastes, you can explore any music you like on this website.

This website is user-friendly and the concept of it is very simple. You just have to have fun. Moreover whenever any user comes to this website he or she is asked questions about the preference of the person based on what bands he likes and what musician he likes so it’s quite fun. 

9. Patatap:-

Patatap is an engaging and interesting website that offers both visuals and sounds. It offers an amazing platform for users to create sound and play with them using visual animations with just the keyboard. The main purpose of this website is to provide entertainment to users with the help of art music and engagement. Remember when we were kids we had a phone that offered different music on different buttons so similarly we have to just press one key from a keyboard and different songs will be played through each key. 

10. The Onion:-

The Onion website, commonly referred to as “The Onion,” is a very ionic publication that provides news and other entertainment content in a very amazing way. It’s a very entertaining online platform. I guess we all know that the new channels nowadays bore us right so we have this beautiful website for you so that you will not miss out on world news as well as you will not miss out on any entertainment. This website was founded by some students in 1996.

The Onion website is popular because of this feature only. People like to read about the news and this platform gives them the same but with a comedy and fictional story twist. This website includes a wide range of topics and content for example news related to any world continent, technology, sports, music, politics etc it offers social issues as well so readers will not miss out on anything.

Websites to Kill Time

11. Don’t Even Reply:- 

The “Don’t Even Reply” website was a popular humor blog. This website is often known as an internet troll. The Don’t Even Reply website has a huge collection of various emails that are very funny summer fictional, some are very satirical, and summer very ironic. So overall the main purpose of this website is to create humor and entertainment for those who are bored. These websites also create a very absurd conversation that can also affect you in both negative and positive ways but it is a cool website. Sometimes these email interactions can take unexpected tones and sometimes it can make you angry and sometimes it can make you laugh as well.

12. The Moth:- 

The Moth website is an online platform that serves as a hub for The Moth, it is a platform that is dedicated to storytelling and it is a non-profitable organization. It was founded in 1997 and it has gained its popularity in recent years. This website started its events in New York City but nowadays it has expanded all over the world. Now anyone who is getting bored can go to this website and have fun.

The very basic purpose of the website is to provide a platform for users and individuals to come and share their stories so that they can inspire as well as entertain others and the users who visit this website can entertain themselves. The website is of very different genres, for example, heroic stories, horror stories, inspirational stories, and humorous stories, so you will find all kinds of stories on this website.

13. Mubi:-

MUBI is an online streaming platform for streaming films of all kinds. It can curate a film database. This website is there to celebrate the art of the cinema and the art of the artist. MUBI offers excellent quality movies. The most important and interesting feature of this website is that the website will offer 13 movies and it removes the 30 movies after 30 days so you will get an ample amount of new movies.

Moreover, because of this feature, all the hidden gems that are not so popular will get a chance by users to be watched. This website’s film collection offers a huge genre of movies. So if you are a movie-enthusiastic person, this platform is for you.

14. Vsauce:-

VSauce is a popular educational website. This website offers a huge and wide range of topics and they are thought-provoking so that you can stir your mind. This website offers various videos and interactive materials on different topics such as philosophy, culture, scientific lifestyle, social economics, etc. Another important feature of this website is that it focuses on the curiosity of the users.

It makes you think it makes you question and all these things can fascinate you the most. Most importantly if you don’t read about any topic you can watch videos as well so I guess this will be the best website for you to utilize your time when you don’t know what to do with that.

15. Noiys:- 

NOIYS stands for noice. So it is based on a TV show but the main feature of this website is that it allows users to share their notes and ideas and that stays for 24 hours and after that, they get automatically deleted. Users can I mean strangers can reply to your notes and after that you can have fun with all of those. So basically if you think about the fun activities that you want to do, you can post your views on that and they will get deleted automatically, you don’t have to worry about that as well so you can share your thoughts and views on any topic without the fear of judgment.

16. Drench:-

It is an engaging and entertaining website that offers an ample amount of entertainment to users. Drench website is particularly famous for the games it offers you can find any type of game in this. It doesn’t matter what your age is, you can just visit this website and have fun with all the games that are available there. The availability of games is in huge numbers so you don’t have to worry if you will get bored with one game you have many others as well. So don’t think twice while visiting this website just go for it.

17. Post Secret:- 

PostSecret is a captivating and engaging website. It offers users to experience different life experiences of others. It allows visitors to just speak whatever they want to share. What is your darkest secret? You can share it on the website. This website allows users to engage with the community that can understand whatever the problem the other person is facing.

Offline if we talk about users can share their postcards and they will be displayed on this website. So if you don’t know anyone with whom you can share your thoughts, your deepest darkest secrets, your worries, anything, just go to the website and write whatever you want to do and you will be accepted by the world don’t worry about it.

18. Little Alchemy 2:-

Little Alchemy 2 is an engaging and entertaining website that offers a unique and creative gameplay experience. Just letting you know that this website is quite addictive full stop, it offers you different games and you will have a lot of fun. This game revolves around the elements of nature such as Earth fire water sand et ceteras so all the things that are related to Earth are used as a prop on this website. 

19. This Is My Website Now:- 

ThisIsMyWebsiteNow is a delightful and engaging online platform that offers users an exciting and unique experience. As you all can see by the name of the website, it is a very personalized website full stop so the users can create their thoughts and experience the virtual space based on their personality, their interests, and their selves. The graphics of this website are amazing. You can also design your virtual world there. You will find a wide range of colors and a wide range of layouts to personalize your world. 

20. A Good Movie To Watch:-

Agoodmovietowatch as the name suggest is about movies right? So whoever is there who is a movie enthusiast please go to this website. This website allows you to watch different types of movies. Moreover, this website provides hidden gems that are not popular. This website is user-friendly. You will find exceptionally beautiful movies that are beyond these blockbusters or popular culture or mainstream. So if you are not an ordinary person who likes to explore different things and different movies, please use the website when you bore. 

Websites to Kill Time

21. Scream Into The Void:- 

Screamintothevoid” the name suggests is about you expressing your emotions and frustration. This is a very user-friendly and I believe very useful website. if you are talking about expressing your emotions or frustrations we cannot do offline because we have some restrictions. You have this website now. So don’t worry. Provides you with an anonymous platform to share your emotions and you will not be judged by anyone.

22. Every Noise At Once:-

EveryNoiseAtOnce is a website as the name suggests about noise and the noise is music. It offers a variety of music to enhance your musical experience and entertain yourself. Moreover, this website is not just about the music itself it is about the music map. What I mean by this is that it allows users to experience interactive music maps around the world, and by these features, you can get to know many artists and various genres and subgenres. It offers a white range of genres from popular culture to hidden gems to the hip hop style to the classical one this website offers it all. 

23. Uncrate:-

Uncrate is an amazing website that offers exciting and unique products. So if you bore and you don’t know what to do with your time go to this website you will find amazing products that can entertain you. The range of this website is also not so high that’s why you can purchase any item from it. Visitors to this website can find all the products and can fascinate by the design of the website. The visual appearance of the website is also amazing so if you are both please check this website. It is one of the best ways to kill your time when you bore.

24. Zergnet:- 

ZergNet is an exciting website to curate content. It is a really enjoyable platform. This provides users with a huge amount of videos, articles, and images from different sources on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a news or entertainment story or any topic that is trending this website is there for you. The content on the website is very engaging and entertaining. 

25. Oddee:- 

Oddee is an entertaining website. This website offers news most comically. So if you are facing any issue related to the seriousness of content you can come to this website and this website will give you a hand to amuse you with the odds of the world. It humorously provides information. So if the content is peculiar this website will cover it all. You will be laughing throughout your reading session. This website uses wit and humor at the same time. You will be astonished by the website. 

26. The Oatmeal:-

The Oatmeal is an entertaining and engaging website that offers a unique mixture of humor, creativity, and information. This website too offers very serious topics in hilarious ways. In the first clans, you might feel that the website is very normal but you are wrong. This website offers a variety of content from technology to lifestyle to music to everything that you want. And every topic will be there with so much humor and with knowledge at the same time.

The most important feature of this website is that it offers a variety of comic strips that you will find very engaging and entertaining. The visuals of the comics are very appealing. They are very fascinating and the comics are seriously very witty. You will amaze by the end of the comic strips. The comics on the websites are popular for their wit and the situation. The comics on this website will never fail in entertaining you.

27. Gipsy:- 

Gipsy is an incredibly amazing website. As the name itself is amazing, you will find a variety of games. This website is famous for the games that it offers. Users can find any type of game from puzzle to action to soft games to anything this website covers all for you. The games on this website are beautiful and you will fall in love with the visuals and the engagement that they provide. So if you bore and you don’t know how to kill your time, go to this website.

28. Wait But Why? 

“Wait But Why” as the name suggests is a website that is related to the curiosity that we experience. It is a very engaging website. It provides information in a wide range and it has so many articles and illustrations. All the readers out there this website is for you. Another important feature of this website is that it provides serious information in a very comical way. You can find articles on various subjects such as technology, art, and social life. The formation on the website is very entertaining and engaging at the same time.

29. Forgotify:-

FORGOTIFY might make you remember the name of the app called Spotify, but it has ‘forget’ as a prefix. I guess now you must have known what this website is about. The website is about all the music left behind or forgotten by people. This website focuses on the music that people often overlook. So this lime-lights all the music not played by the users as of now.

You can just dig all the tracks buried inside this website. So if you visit this website you will be familiar with all the music that is unknown to you. It is a very good website that you will enjoy when you are bore. Because sometimes we get bore of listening regular songs. So now we need new songs and this website is exactly appropriate for that.

30. This Is Why I’m Broke:- 

“ThisIsWhyImBroke” as the name suggests is about you being broke. It is a very entertaining website that provides a variety of products that you can visit or explore. All the items that are present on this website are very unique and fascinating. Visiting this website will make you feel like you are hunting for a treasure. You will discover a wide range of products related to home, games, gadgets, etc. 

31. I Waste So Much Time:-

“Iwastesomuchtime” is an entertaining website. This website offers a wide range of entertainment to users. You can find songs, videos, visual illustrations, etc on this website. Can also find many articles on this website. Has a wide and unique variety of materials. So if you want to waste your time this website is best for you. The most important and intriguing feature of this website is that it offers amazing means and they are very entertaining and engaging.

As you all know nowadays whatever we want to share we express it through memes so the most important feature of this website is memes and therefore it has an important role in entertainment. Memes on this website are witty as well. Users can scroll for hours and the memes will not finish. It is a very amazing website and you can check this website whenever you feel that you are bore and it is very hard for you to kill time. Please go through this website and you will entertain throughout. It will make you laugh, it will make you think it will make you feel entertained. 


To conclude these were some fun and cool websites that you can use when you are bore. There are many things you can do on the Internet. As we all know that when we stay at home or anywhere else since we all are grown-ups now we don’t engage much offline so online platforms or websites can be our friends too.

We are so busy with our schedules that we sometimes cannot get time to go out and meet our friends and therefore these websites come in handy. These websites can make you feel entertained as well as productive at the same time. Using these cool and amazing websites will surely lighten up your mood. so as always let us know which of these websites you are using.