5 unsolved internet mysteries

In the current world, which is dominated by the Internet, there are answers to most questions. If someone tries to find the meaning of a word or solve a puzzle, they can find the solution on the internet. There are lots of websites and forums that can help you gain access to a large body of knowledge. This is actually how the internet makes you smarter. However, there are some mysteries that even the Internet hasn’t solved yet.

These are strange and confusing puzzles that have remained unsolved despite all the attempts of internet users. We deal with the top six unsolved internet mysteries that are highly bizarre and puzzling. 

1. Satoshi Nakamoto

A man with a vague identity which is known as Satoshi Nakamoto, started the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2009. Soon after, some users of the Internet started asking questions about him. One of the common speculations is that Satoshi Nakamoto is not a single man but a whole group. Several times, people have introduced themselves as Satoshi Nakamoto, but they did not have enough proof to verify their claim. 

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pen name of the person who created Bitcoin. He also created the first blockchain database. When bitcoin launched in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto just had 50 bitcoins. From 2009 to December 2017, those bitcoins experienced a striking rise and reached $19 billion dollars in value. Satoshi kept his bitcoins until March 2019. Surprisingly, on 11 October 2020, he transferred at least 1,000 bitcoins to another account. Still, he hasn’t revealed his true identity. Based on the claims of some cryptocurrency fans, they are probably a team, But this is all we know of this name. 

2. Publius Enigma

The “Publius Enigma” refers to an unsolved enigma along with encoded messages on the Internet. “Publius” is the name of the person who posted these messages. The enigma was connected to the Pink Floyd album “The Division Bell|.” It pledged that whoever could solve this riddle would receive a reward. The band announced that they did not have any connection with this puzzle. Nobody has yet solved this mystery.

The Publius Enigma is a kind of alternate reality game associated with Pink Floyd’s album The Division Bell. An unknown vegan user posted enigmatic messages on the un-monitored Usenet newsgroup in 1994. The messages motivated Pink Floyd’s fans to solve a riddle and get rewards. Still, no one hasn’t had any information about the man sharing these messages.

 3. Selene Delgado Lopez

Another unsolved mystery in the Internet world is the famous missing girl, Selene Delgado Lopez. Many people have been trying to find out who she really was or if she ever existed. She was first announced missing in 1990 in a Mexican TV program. You might have come across her name on Facebook, as several accounts in her name have been reported in recent years. All have turned out to be fake accounts. There are also made-up pictures of her in video games, especially those about world war I. 

4. Cicada 3301

 An institution uploaded three riddles on the Internet. It shared the third enigma on 4 January 2013. This 60-page riddle perplexed everyone. It was so difficult that no one could solve it. Some believed that it was a recruitment tool for the CIA or NSA. Others believed that it could be a kind of alternate reality game. Nobody has any information about the man or company behind these riddles. Cicada 3301’s third riddle is one of the most intriguing arguments among internet users. Cicada 3301 is the name of the organization, which exists only in name, and shared these three riddles for three subsequent years, beginning in 2012. 

5. 11B-X-1371 

It refers to a viral video whose recipient was GadgetZZ.com, the Swedish tech blog. They released it in 2015. It showed a person putting on a plague doctor gown. He was loitering and waiting around in an old deserted building. Many people believed that the cryptic messages in the videos were connected to a murder. There is no reliable proof to find the man that created it. GadgetZZ.com got a video whose title was 11B-X-1371 in 2015. The blog shared the video, and it spread quickly. 

John-Erik Krahbichler, the founder of GadgetZZ, further explained that he got this video on a DVD forwarded from Poland. Later, an Internet user recognized the building as a psychiatric hospital locked in the 1900s. It was in the tiny town of Otwock, Poland. Internet users decoded some horrifying messages from this video with the help of a spectrogram. The message of one of these images was that “You are already dead,” while another portrayed a human skull with bizarre people around it. A man with a nickname, Parker Warner Wright, claimed that he was the creator of the video.

6. Markovian Parallax Denigrate 

Another unsolved internet mystery is Markovian Parallax Denigrate which actually refers to a series of unexpended texts shared on Usenet in 1996. An unknown user shared hundreds of messages online. People initially regarded these as SPAM. Later, some users speculated that the words were hidden codes or a scattering of Cold War numbers stations. In spite of numerous endeavors to decode the messages, no one was able to discover any kind of secret meaning in them.

A user began sharing hundreds of strange posts on Usenet in 1996. These posts contained blocks with a series of words. Overall, nobody could detect the meaning behind these posts. All the posts had one commonality, “Markovian parallax denigrate” was their subject line. At that time, Usenet permitted users to exchange information only by sharing chronologically organized messages. Hence, Usenet users concluded that it was a secret code. They tried several times to decipher it. It was also similar to an early endeavor at making a bot. Later, some associated the word “Markovian” with a computing process named a “Markov chain,” which employs for programming chat-bots.


The Internet can answer many of our questions and provide us with helpful solutions for our riddles and enigmas. However, there are some strange and confusing puzzles that even the Internet cannot solve. Some of these mysteries and puzzles are more noticeable and famous than others. We discussed six such mysteries in this post. Do you think you can solve any of them?